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Questions You Need to Ask About Dental Implants

The dental implant is the preferred treatment for replacing the broken tooth or the one with decay that could not be restored with a crown or root canal. They look as well as act like natural teeth and help to improve the smile significantly. Moreover, with these, you could enjoy the food that you could not eat because of missing teeth. However, before you choose to get dental implants in Singapore, it is crucial to ask a certain question such as

  • How long does this procedure take?

Numerous factors determine the timeline of the dental implant procedure. The list of such factors includes

  1. Which teeth are replaced
  2. Number of teeth
  3. Dental health
  4. In case tooth extraction is required before the implant placement
  • Is the procedure safe?

The dental implant procedure is one of the effective as well as a safe dental procedure. To ensure the best results, you would wish to consult with the oral surgeon who specializes in the conditions affecting the jaws and gums. The expert would do a thorough examination of gums and teeth to assess oral health. To reduce the chances of complications during the procedure, the expert would ask for the medical history and address your concerns to ensure you are comfortable.

  • How much does the procedure cost?

Initially, the procedure might seem expensive in comparison to other replacement options such as bridges or dentures. However, over time as well as considering the stability and health benefits, they often end up being an inexpensive option. As several factors contribute, it is hard to determine the cost of dental implants without an in-person examination. Every patient is different as well as depending on his/ her goals, wishes, and needs, the cost would be influenced.

  • Does the procedure hurt?

In comparison to tooth extraction, dental implants are less painful. The reputed dentist offices have dentists as well as staff trained to provide conventional anesthesia safely. When you opt for effective anesthesia, the operative procedure would seem both pleasant as well as brief.

  • How long do the implants last?

The dental implants could last for a lifetime with appropriate oral hygiene as well as regular dental appointments. Proper oral hygiene includes flossing as well as brushing twice a day, the same you do for the natural teeth. The dentist might suggest you use the brush having soft bristles. Depending on the family history as well as lifestyle habits, the dentist might even recommend other measures in order to make the implant procedure successful.

  • Would the implant be visible while smiling?

The implants feel as well as look natural in the mouth of the patient. The crown on the implant’s post is customizable well as could match the remaining natural teeth of the person. The only way to know in case a person has an implant is through a radiograph for detecting the metal in the mouth of a person.

Apart from these, ensure you ask whether the dental implants are right for you. The implants are ideal for people who wish to have the natural look. Based on your medical history as well as lifestyle habits, the expert would tell you if implants are right for you.

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