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Points To Be Remembered While Installing The Artificial Grass Bunnings

It is worth investing your money in the Artificial Grass Bunnings which is better than the natural turf. The synthetic lawn is low maintenance and it would help you to save such water bills and maintenance costs. They will be enduring for 20-25 years which will be safe and best for your entire family. The materials that are used in the making of the fake grass are extremely durable which can withstand any kind of climate and are stain-resistant. You don’t bother about the fertilizer and atmosphere; they are never getting damaged by insects and plant diseases. It is also enhancing the beauty of the place where you placed it, and they are tough to tear that is apt for the outdoors. But you may think installing the synthetic lawn is a difficult task, when you follow the below tips well that will make you a pro.

Remove the grass and prepare the surface

When you plan to install the artificial turf, first you have to remove the old grasses which will make you tense for over the years. Ensure to take the correct measurement and dispose of the existing base properly. Remove all the natural grasses from the land thoroughly, and then you have to prepare the ground. Spread evenly 4 inches of class 2 road base which will make it simple to create a level platform with the right drainage. Level the land, cut off the roots, break up clods and remove pebbled and debris. That is how you have to remove the old grass and prepare the surface to install the fake grasses.

Underlay the weed membrane 

Spray or underlay the preparing surface with weed killer about two weeks before installing the artificial turf. It will be sure that all the unwanted plants are dead at the roots which are helping to avoid weed problems. Fix a weed barrier over the prepared base that prevents unwanted greeneries that grow in your grass. Check that they reach all edges and perimeter properly. It is a must to save your synthetic lawn from the wild plants that affect the look of your garden or the place.

Roll out your Artificial Grass Bunnings underlay 

After preparing the base and layout of the weed membrane, now it’s time to roll out the new artificial grass. Be aware to not move the turf across your freshly prepared surface. If you let the lawn sit in the sun for 30 mins to an hour that will allow it to enlarge before install. The crossing blade will result in a poor appearance which will spoil the look of the garden. When you have multiple roles, the edge direction and stitch pattern must be facing a similar way. In the time of moving your synthetic turf, you would be very careful to avail a proper position.

Cut and connect the joints properly 

To get the perfect look, you have to cut and connect the joints of the synthetic turf. Ensure the space between every bead and maintain it via cutting the pieces. Leave the beading gap and cut the second piece of the grass, and now place them two without any glue to create the join. After completing it, have a look at that to check that it gives you satisfaction. If they are positioned correctly then start folding back the joining edges. And now finally you have to join the tape and gluing with the polyurethane adhesive. Then after fixing the joints and edges properly you can begin to brush the grass. It helps the grass blades to stand straight up which makes your garden look like freshly trimmed grass.


If you wish to install the durable Artificial Grass Bunnings, then we Auzzie turf here to aid you. We are providing the best synthetic turf which will enhance the look of your place and make it more attractive. It is safe for your children and pets, and we help you fix the artificial lawn in your place perfectly. Feel free to approach us and get the service instantly.

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