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India is blessed to have each bit of everything in the subcontinent and makes it attractive for tourists both local and international as well. India is a land of varied landscapes including mountains, plains, beaches, rivers, backwaters, and whatnot. The Great Western Ghats of India is one such thing to embrace and beauty to behold. Western Ghats of India is the hidden gem of the country which hasn’t been touched and explored by many in the trekking circle. This makes it so serene and beautiful for the ones who do unfold its beauty and surprises that it has to offer.

Waterfalls, vast grasslands reaching the horizon, dense forests, and mesmerizing views are just a few of many packed surprises that open up to you while you explore the Western Ghats of India. Western Ghats of India is expanded along the Western coastline of the country covering states like Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and parts of Kerala. A big chunk of the Western Ghats is in Maharashtra which makes the state prone to some spectacular treks and outing places. 



Pawana lake is a famous tourist spot near Mumbai and Pune city. The exact location of the lake is in Lonavala which is a popular tourist destination in the state of Maharashtra and nearby places also. The size of Pawana Lake is just huge and the camping besides the lake is a surreal experience to have. Pawana Lake camping site serves as a perfect weekend getaway for the people of Pune and Mumbai. The convenient distance of the camp site from both the cities makes it even more popular among the tourists from the cities.


Pawana lake is located at a distance of 60km from Pune and 120km from Mumbai in Lonavala which is a tourist hotspot for people of Mumbai and Pune.  The location of this lake is what makes it so special as it falls near the Mumbai-Pune highway and gives a spectacular view of Sunrise and Sunset both at the same campsite. Khandala, Lonavala, Lohagad, Tikona, Tung are various other tourist places near the campsite that you can visit. It is two days and one-night activity near the lakeside.

 Enjoy the campfire at night with delicious hot food served in dinner and jam along with the other campers on the site. Rest for the day in your cozy camps for the night. The next morning wake up before the sun rays hit the ground to experience a surreal sunrise with sun rays dancing on the sounds of chirping birds. Enjoy the environment around you and have a mouth-watering breakfast. After breakfast, you can check out as the perfect weekend day comes to an end. 



There are various different activities available near the campsite that you can enjoy and savor in memories. Camping beside the Pawana lake is itself quite a magnificent experience and on top of that, the options of so many outdoor activities to do make it an, even more, special and memorable experience. The activities that are available here are nature photography, Lakeside bicycling, Bird Watching, and various other adventurous activities also like Cobweb, Blind square, Rappelling, Zipline, Kayaking, etc. Camping is the main attraction with a delightful Pavana Dam lake view at sunrise. Outdoor activities like Cricket, football and beach volleyball are also available at the campsite for you to enjoy. 



The camping site is easily accessible by private and public transport from both Pune and Mumbai. The distance from Mumbai is 120km and from Pune, it is 60km and can be accessed via Lonavala from Mumbai and via Kamshet from Pune. You’ll reach the site by 4 pm and then relax in the camps for the day after exploring the lush green surroundings. 

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