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If you are an active person on TikTok and Instagram, you might have come across several videos that talk about the Passport Bros . But who are these Passport Bros? What do they do?

The Passport Bros, is a new movement that started in 2023, where Western men (usually from the US, Canada, Europe and Australia) pack their bags, grab their passports and travel to South East Asia to find love, romance, companionship or just to find a girlfriend.

Apparently dating in the Western world has become so difficult and complicated that men are looking into different options and that’s why the Passport Bros phenomenon has started.

Men feel that women these days are very materialistic, are looking for the “perfect guy” (rich and successful) and in general, just play games that are really annoying. Even online dating is not working out for most men. Women tend to “unmatch” the men very quickly without going out on a first date. Or, if there is a first date then for many it’s also the last date because many women just “block” the number of the man or just don’t respond to his text messages. This happens every day and it leaves a sour taste in the mouth of most men.

That’s why many men feel frustrated these days and many of them decided to travel to different countries to find their future girlfriend or wife with the possibility of bringing her to their country of origin or in some cases, even settling in Asia or South America.

The main destination of these Passport Bros are Thailand and The Philippines. these 2 countries are the HUB of The Passport Bros. In these countries women are very pretty, humble, simple and are looking for relationship. Being a foreigner is definitely a plus, since they love foreigners and prefer them over a local guy. Dating in these countries is much easier and the women are not affected by the social media like they are in the Western world.

A website that speaks about this phenomenon in great detail is Passportbrosexperts.com . This site was developed and created by 2 American Passport Bros who travelled to many countries and have compiled this wonderful guide that provides every single detail about dating overseas. They speak about the fare of the flights, how to find local women and date them, where to take the dates, the main romantic spots and even how to find employment to work as a foreigner.

For any of you men who relate to this article and are curious about trying something new, then this website is something to check out to read more about this subject. Perhaps looking at different options and being open minded is not a bad idea when it comes to searching for love or companionship.

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