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Overnight Desert Safari – A Camping Experience at the Arabian Desert

Are you searching for a spot that leaves you wordless of its magic? Get ready to explore a timeless experience at desert safari Dubai which keeps the ultimate key to fulfill your wildest dreams ever! If you’ve made luck in Dubai, it’s a great chance for you to create an indelible history with your friends and family because Dubai keeps desert safari as an exquisite conservation reserve. Here tourists from all over the world visit and get in awe of how this nomadic plain has developed astonishingly. Say it’s expeditions, sightseeing, or eatery, the desert has it all for you. Feel like a part of an iconic movie in the surrounding golden dune and hell fun disguised in vivid colors of joy.

A camping night at the desert safari Dubai will be your best night ever in the heart of the Arabian dunes. Scroll down to know, how!

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Exclusive Activities in Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

1.Get Started with a Quick Pick-up

An overnight safari trip begins with a quick pick up from your residing spot either hotel or residence in the UAE in a 4×4 car or bus depending upon your pre-handpick.  Along with a couple of minutes of smooth drive, you’ll lock your first gaze at the stupefying national golden ranch of Dubai.

2.Sand Sports to Long for

Crazy sand adventures are not new to the visitors as these expeditions attract them to desert safari Dubai, making it a paradise for thrill-seekers. Experience insane sand stunts during the sunset, it’s jaw-dropping! It offers you dune bashing over high Arabian dunes, a surfing experience on a sandboard, and an enthralling quad bike ride that reminds you of action movies. Now you are a part of it.

The adrenaline-junkies get attracted to this scenic place that you’ve always watched in movies, now the place and its expeditions are calling you for a heroic stunt!

Ride the terrain SUVs like dune bashing and sandboarding are usually included in one package whereas if you want a quad bike experience, you’ll probably have to pay over in case it is exclusive of the package you grab.

3.Campsite Fun

Stay in a private Bedouin camp or pitch your tent, the experience is out of this world because you get to enjoy the blazing bonfire activity outside the camp. The camp has its charms reflecting a royal ambiance and coziness stellar. Spend an ecstatic evening at the old traditioned camp as that of Arabs and get delighted to relive the history. You’ll fall in awe when escorted to the traditional campsite pitched efficiently amidst the sand. This traditional style of camping gives you the correct vibe of living a wanderer’s life in the old conserve of the Emirati state -Dubai. 

4.An Evening Camel Ride

Behold a serene view of the widespread desert from a certain height at the camel’s hump and wonder how ancient Arabs used to travel using camels. Observe the desert lost in the harmony of changing skies during late evening hours while discovering its farthest limits on camel’s hump. A camel ride on an overnight trip keeps the occult asking for more because it’s the only legit ride that is meant to be availed in the desert.

5.Humming Eatery Items

Being in the wilds doesn’t mean access to a limited amount of food and drinks. This is just the opposite in the case of a desert safari Dubai tour. You can enjoy unlimited access to lots of refreshing drinks and beverages including tea, coffee, and soft drinks. Delight is doubled when a buffet dinner table is set with lots of delicious cuisines full of veg and non-veg food items leaving over your taste buds, a taste to remember!

6.Live Entertainment

After a crazy time of kinetic episodes full of fun and thrill, the Arabian culture welcomes you to witness it live. A night at desert safari becomes more cherishing when the artists perform setting the stage on fire! The amazing fire show, the mindful Tanoura dance, and the stunning belly dance elevate the moods of the audience to an edge. Don’t miss a chance to see the grainy ground of dunes in vivid colors of an enlightened evening that is sparkling upon your arrival. 

7.The Art Corner

If you are a person who admires art and culture, you’d love getting henna printing by the artists and getting dressed up in the traditional Arabian folk dresses to get captured from a wide-angle. Take amplified pleasure of smoking flavorsome shisha and hookah while sitting in the cultural Arabian Majlis and exchange thoughts with other individuals.

8.When the Sun’s Show Begins

This place is full of myriad sightseeing landscapes taking the beholder to legit fantasy. One of such live shows of nature you get to witness there are the spellbound sunset and sunrise. And if you’ve picked an overnight plan, you are lucky enough to catch the silent mystery of safari’s most praised feature that its hues during the sunset and sunrise. Click the best shots ever, say silhouettes, snaps with your group, or of the calmness of the sand sea; experiencing and photographing the two epic scenes of the sun can be found nowhere else.

9.Under the Starry Sky

We all have experienced a night in our life gazing for hours at the peaceful sky, counting stars, and wondering about the sky limit. Imagine lying on a sand bed rather than a rooftop while chattering with your people. It’s shamanistic! Gazing the blue sky in the starry night at the barren is another beautiful scenic view that pleases the beholders and puts them in gratitude for spending a night at safari’s campsite.

10.New Day With Memorable Breakfast

After spending a magical night and the majestic pageant of the sun, a healthy and delicious breakfast welcomes you on a new day with new delights. An overnight desert safari tour lasts for a minimum of 9 hours and ends with an ambrosial Arabian breakfast.


The views of desert safari in the morning, afternoon, and evening are magnificent but what magic this nomadic place reflects at night, is worth witnessing. Tourists who have been there before, get an overnight desert Safari camping package to multiply the fun and adventure 4x.

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