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Online Resources & tech tools for Dyslexic Students

Dyslexia is a learning disability in which students have problems such as reading comprehension, writing, and spelling, spoken language, and numeracy. Dyslexia is a common disease that makes it hard to read. Some experts say that between 10 to 15 percent of people have these problems. And some other experts believe that about 20 percent of people show signs of reading challenges. But the online strategies and teaching approaches can help dyslexia students to improve the reading and writing skills with help of new technical tools. Online learning includes the benefits for dyslexia students of interaction, memory, and dealing with stress with the latest technology.


Homeschooling is present home-based education for any age from 3 to onwards. Homeschooling is a cutting edge and alternative of traditional schools especially for special and dyslexic students in the U.S and all over the world. Homeschooling has been growing during the pandemic of Covid-19 around the world in many nations. There are so many benefits of homeschooling that’s why about 45% of families prefer homeschooling for safety reasons. Parents can make therapy, skills enhancement, and mental care of dyslexia students with the help of online education.

Online high school:

Students can also get a different kind of diploma with the help of an Online high school. Online high school is better than traditional school because you can take your study according to your schedule. It also gives the dyslexia students the chance to work toward the new diplomas with the comfort and personal freedom, which they cannot have in the classroom. There is no need to dress up or any preparation for the online school, only attention needs. Not only dyslexia students for every student but there are also many reasons why online school is better than traditional schools.

American online school:

ISBerne Online, a well-known International school Switzerland, is a high-demand American online school for students in kindergarten to grade 12. ISBerneonline was established 50 years ago as the sister school to the international school of Berne in Switzerland for high-quality education. ISBerne online teacher-supported classes with a world-class learning experience that will help students with their full potential for the preparation of the university levels. ISBerne offers an American high school diploma with many options to take the advanced placement (AP) courses. All courses are provided by the supervision of the Accel Management Platform for online education.

While a student with dyslexia could be overlooked by the education system. Now it’s recognized that the teachers and online technology equipment can accommodate the dyslexia student for the studies with confidence. Dyslexia has no critical impact on the student’s intelligence, but it makes the acts more challenging. And the tools in online learning helps the students to take the course properly. Following are some tools that help dyslexia students in online education.

Pulse SmartPen:

The Pulse Smartpen is an affordable and practical solution for taking notes. It is a pen that records what they hear and writes notes. The dyslexia student can improve their learning ability with help of a pulse smartpen for remembering what was explained in the class.

Naturally Speaking:

Dyslexia students can use the naturally speaking tool to put their thoughts to paper. It is voice recognition software that allows the user to talk into its microphone while taking the class with correct spelling.

Intel Reader:

The intel reader device runs on rechargeable batteries and contains a high-resolution camera. Dyslexia students can take pictures of handouts, articles and textbooks pages etc and they can convert these pictures into texts instantly.

Audio Books vs Textbooks:

If the students with dyslexia cannot read at a high-grade level, they can study with audiobooks instead of textbooks. In online learning, there are more than 300,000 textbooks converted into CD and audio formats for dyslexia students. Which is the best technology tool for dyslexia students to keep growing their studies.

Dyslexia Quest:

Dyslexia Quest is an application that looks and feels like a game that is specially designed for dyslexia kids and teenage students. This application helps to improve the memory skills and all skills that dyslexia students struggle with.

Ginger Page:

The students with dyslexia are having trouble with spelling. The ginger page is software that helps spellcheck and autocorrect spellings. Ginger Page is a sophisticated word organizer that helps dyslexia students to write flawlessly.


OpenWeb is a website browser that converts the text into a dyslexia-friendly font. That allows the dyslexia students to read with less difficulty. It is very useful for the important notes and lectures.


MindMeister is an application that is specially designed for dyslexia students for making notes because traditional notes make it possible for them. This application allows the students to create the graphics and mind maps of the dyslexia student quickly and easily.

Google Play Books, Pocket, Easy Work Count, Vbookz, Paper Fellows and many other tools are available in online learning for dyslexia students.

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