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On-Demand Laundry App Development: Important Key Features From 3 Perspectives For Laundry Service Business

Laundry Service Business Investment

Gone are those days when people asked, “For what reason do I need a mobile application for something that is already well-managed?” These days On-demand mobile applications have grasped the business world to a spin. They have a big influence on our lives. With the ascent in the on-demand business model, it is no surprise that laundry service business are likewise jumping on the on-demand business model to attract and retain customers. 

In this way, if you want to take your laundry business to the next level, now is a great time to invest in an on-demand laundry services app. Though, with numerous options in the market, it can get excessively debilitating to choose the right solution. 

In this blog, Let’s explore the top reasons to invest in an on-demand Laundry app and the fundamental features you need to look out for. 

Let’s get started.

What is an On-Demand Laundry Services App?

An on-demand laundry app is a dedicated mobile application that facilitates customers to request and avail of on-demand services for their laundry. 

It incorporates both pickup and delivery services at the customer’s doorstep. Dumping to the old-age traditional dry cleaning services, where the customers need to go to the shop for dropping off and afterward pick up the laundry stuff, the on-demand mobile application serves the services at the customer’s doorstep. 

The handyman for laundry services market is growing with an average of 10% growth per year, due to time-preferred convenient pickup and delivery windows. 

Furthermore, seamless laundry delivery makes it worthy of becoming noticeable among the target audiences. 

Reasons to Invest in an On-Demand Laundry App:

Nowadays, people are looking for comfort and convenience in any services they wish to choose. Here is why and how it is optimal for getting started with an on-demand laundry app development.

1. Seamless Delivery Experience

Most businesses are struggling to meet customer expectations because of a lack of technology. As a result, they spend hours physically relegating tasks to delivery agents. 

You can manage tasks with minimal manual intercession with on-demand laundry software. It allows the customers to choose their convenient time slots for pick up and delivery. This will increase transparency and further improve customer loyalty.

2. Powerful Interface

An on-demand laundry services software streamlines and automates laundry pickup and delivery operations. It comprises three interfaces: 

  • Powerful Dashboard: Gain a higher perspective of orders, delivery agents, and customers in real-time 
  • Delivery Panel: Allows your delivery agents to pick up and deliver the orders effectively. 
  • Customer Panel: Allow your customers to schedule the order pickup and delivery time, track orders in real time, and make payments hassle-free.

3. End-to-End Visibility

Choosing a handyman app for laundry services helps in offering consistent visibility of on-ground operations. Also, the enhanced transparency of the complete workflow helps to inform and alert the stakeholders about any unexpected occasion or deviation from the planned route.

Key Features of On-Demand Laundry App:

1. Customer Panel

This panel consists of the login form and customer data with all the needed information. With the help of these customer panels, clients can calculate costs, and make and track their orders. 

The basic features of the customer panel can be the following:

  • Login and Registration FormClients can register or log in by using their email id, social media accounts, or phone contact number. This enables better usability and saves the users from the extra task of providing their details.
  • Cost CalculatorWith this Cost Calculator, The customer can choose the type of materials and the number of clothes, and they can get an estimated rate for the laundry services.
  • Multiple Booking OptionWith the Multiple booking option people can book a service in two ways. There are book now and book later. It’s a useful feature for users since they can plan the requests by pointing to the date and time.
  • Cancel BookingSometimes, clients need to cancel their order for different reasons. The on-demand laundry app offers many in-built features for booking cancellation. This feature immediately sends the notification to the launderer and the booking gets canceled.
  • Push Notification & Order TrackingThe Application notifies customers whether their clothes are washed, some problems have occurred or payment successful. Using GPS tracking, customers can easily track the status of the order and estimate the time of arrival.
  • Schedule Pickups & Order History Clients can choose the pickup time according to their availability. They just need to choose the date and time for pickup from the app and they will get doorstep laundry pickup service. The order history allows the clients to view previous orders and repeat them.
  • View & Rate LaundriesCustomers can view the service provider’s profile and check the number of orders completed, customer ratings, and reviews. The quick search bar allows users to find the right match for themselves, which improves their experience.
  • Various Payment OptionsThe laundry services app will enable the clients to checkout with multiple payment methods. Clients can make payments by eWallets, net banking, credit/debit card, or cash on delivery.
  • Invoice GenerationThe customer pays for the services, and after that the invoice is generated automatically within the app. The invoice displays information about the customer’s name, location, type of service, and payment methods. Customers can save the invoice for future purposes.

2. Delivery Panel

This panel is useful for managing the delivery order. It enables delivery agents to process requests and choose optimized routes. 

The most important features of the delivery panel can be the following:

  • Signup or LoginThe delivery agent also has an app for online laundry services. For fast access to the app, they can register or log in by using their social media accounts or mobile number.
  • Order HistoryWith the help of the order history, a delivery agent can get info about orders waiting for approval and the time when the customer picks them up. The delivery agent can accept or decline orders in accordance with the customer’s availability.
  • Map IntegrationThe delivery man’s mobile app will contain a map. With the map integration, the delivery agent can find the best route for the place and pick up the laundry from the customer and deliver it to the launderer. 
  • Managing OrdersThe Delivery agent can set the status of the order like, When the laundry is picked up, the Customer’s Location, the number of orders taken, the number of orders completed and pending, and whether the laundry is delivered or not.
  • Tracking Overall EarningsThe delivery partner can track their earnings for a specific journey of delivery and also can view the entire statistics regarding their total earnings.

3. Service Provider Panel

In case your mobile laundry business uses an on-site business model, there is no need to develop a service provider model. This feature is very useful for launderers to manage their orders. 

The top features of the service provider panel can be following:

  • Signup or Login – The Launderers can register or log in by using their social media accounts or mobile number. In this way, they will get the login details and password for securing their account. 
  • Manage Information about Services – In this feature, the service provider can get the client data like the type of clothes and the number of clothes, etc. This feature also allows the service providers to update price lists, special offers, and so forth. 
  • Analytics & Statistics – The launderer can view the number of orders per month and track their service’s statistics in the dashboard on a weekly or monthly basis. 
  • Order History – The launderer can explore the order history for tracking their client’s loyalty. This will help them to customize offers for customers. 
  • Reminders & Calendars – The on-demand laundry app will contain Reminders and calendars. This will help them to organize their tasks seamlessly.  
  • Master Reports – The admin can create various reports by specific features like the number of orders, delivery agent’s order history, and total income. These reports will allow the service provider to make a financial decision. 

Wrapping Up,

A mobile app can do amazements for your on-demand laundry business. Leveraging the right technology to scale your on-demand laundry operations is key to a successful business. 

You can focus on improving customer experience and reducing manual intervention in day-to-day operations. 

Taking consideration of the features listed in this blog while developing the On-Demand Laundry app will definitely make you a profitable business owner in the market. 




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