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Nuts That Have Great Health Benefits

Nuts are one of the best buys these days because they are packed with fibre, protein and other essential fats. If one can have at least 30 grams of unsalted nuts then it can be a perfect vitality-boosting snack for them. It can also provide one with proper vitamins and minerals. Almost every variety of nuts has its own nutritional credentials and they can offer one with many health benefits.

If one wants to buy nuts in India, these are the variations that one can think about buying and add them to their regular diet routine: 


If one is not very much fond of eating dairy products then having some calcium-rich almonds can be a great alternative. This is a great bone-building material and almonds are also very much high in Vitamin E, which is a nutrient that can help to improve the appearance of someone’s skin appearance. If one wants better heart health, then one can go for whole almonds with the skin intact because they have flavonoids.

Brazil nuts

This is a great one for the ones who have low thyroid function. These nuts have a good amount of mineral selenium and it can help one to produce active thyroid hormones. Selenium can also help one to boost their immunity level and heal any kind of external wounds. One can pop at least 3 to 4 Brazil nuts to meet their regular selenium requirement.


This variation of nuts can contribute hugely to one’s health because they have a useful source of minerals like zinc, iron and cashews. If one follows a vegetarian diet on a regular basis, then they must add cashews to their daily diet plan. It has magnesium which can improve one’s memory and also help one who suffers from memory-related diseases.


This is one variation among nuts that has the lowest calories and fats. They are rich in fibre and starch carbohydrates and when in raw form, they do have a lot of Vitamin C as well. They have a lower amount of protein as compared to other nuts but they can make a great contribution of B vitamins including Vitamin B6. One can use ground chestnut flour because they are gluten-free in order to make cakes and other bakes.


They are high in amino acids and they can help one to prevent heart problems. Hazelnuts are said to be a great source of folate and this is good for health.


They have the highest fat contents and they are mostly used to add flavors and textures to a lot of dishes (both sweet and savory). They also have a good amount of monounsaturated variety and apart from that, they have minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium.


They can help one to lower their cholesterol levels. Pecans do have antioxidants that can prevent plaque formation which can otherwise cause hardening of the arteries. It is also a great source of vitamin B3.

One can buy gourmet nuts online and have them as a snack.

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