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Based on the data provided by the British Council, over 7000 schools, government departments, and professional organizations worldwide consider IELTS score as an indicator of an individual’s proficiency in English. IELTS is an English language test for entry into colleges in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

The popularity of this examination is also increasing in countries like the United States and Canada, where more than 2,000 institutions have started accepting IELTS scores. European countries like Germany, Holland, and Belgium have also started giving priority to students that have a high IELTS score. Katienicholl

Tips for IELTS Exam

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When preparing yourself for the exam, you need to focus on the four modules of the exam: writing, reading, listening and speaking.

Apart from improving your grammar and vocabulary, you need to learn the technique necessary for clearing the exam. Keeping that in mind, here are 9 tips to help you in your IELTS exam preparation:

1. Learn about the exam and the way it works

Most of the candidates don’t really research well about the exam and its contents, hence they don’t know what to expect in the exam.

2. Practice as much as possible

Focus on learning global English. Read several general and academic texts, read magazines and newspapers, and watch English movies so that you can easily understand what you read and listen to.

3. Improve your vocabulary

Word association, mind maps, finding synonyms and antonyms for new words you learn, photo matching and trying to put the right words in the context are some of the techniques that will assist you in improving your vocabulary.

As an example, when you are learning about some kind of food, think about where you can buy it, how you can store it, and the way you should cook it. Thereafter, visualize yourself buying that food and try forming sentences that mention the same food.

You can even consider doing some role-play where you play the role of a waiter and your friend plays a customer. Carrying a small vocabulary notebook wherever you go and saving the new words you listen on your phone are some other techniques that significantly improve your vocabulary.

4. Improve your listening

Look through sample papers and try predicting the topic you might get in the exam. It will be easier for you to clear this section of the exam if you have an idea of the kind of content you are going to hear. Watching English language movies can also significantly improve your ability to understand what you hear.

5. Reading suggestions

Read the question first and identify the keywords in it. Thereafter, scan read the text for possible answers.

6. Writing suggestions

Write clearly using paragraphs and a varied vocabulary. Above all else, stick to the topic when answering essay questions. Check the word count and make sure that you have written more than the minimum words required.

7. Speaking suggestions

Try to give full and comprehensive answers to everything that is asked. After you have expressed your opinion, add examples and reasons to support it. In the event you don’t understand the question, ask the examiner for further clarification.

8. Manage your time

Keep things in perspective by making for yourself a revision timetable. When you are proficient in one area, start focusing on the other which seems to be problematic.

9. Try to have someone study with you

Don’t let insecurity impede all your efforts. Never hesitate in taking a practice test. Try having someone to study with you. In this modern age, you don’t even need to be in the same room to study together. Video chatting services like Skype and Google hangout can help you get in touch with your study buddy.

When it comes to preparing for exams like IELTS, there is no substitute for regular, sustained practice. It is recommended that you focus on things that will help you in the exam. There is no need to worry about things you cannot control. If you have prepared well, you have nothing to fear. Fear only restricts your clear thinking.

John Chen is a travel writer currently located in Bangkok, Thailand. He likes writing about Thailand, and he writes not only about traveling in Thailand but also about business, culture, economy, education, and food. Recently he’s been learning the Thai language at Language Express.

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