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Sri Lanka is located in the southern part of the Indian subcontinent. This place hosts over 100,000 tourists every year and among the top attraction spots in this place are natural wonders.

Travel to this destination will give you the chance to view natural rain mountains, waterfalls, wildlife among other exotic features. Described below are some of the most ranked wonders in Sri Lanka. Katienicholl

Natural wonders of Sri Lanka

1.Diyaluma Waterfalls:

This is not just an ordinary waterfall, Diyaluma falls is a breathtaking wonder spot. The waterfalls down a height of 722 meters. If you visit this place, you will surely be thrilled by the way the water hit the rocks and splashes. Diyaluma waterfall is located in Yolanda village and serves as the center of attraction in the region. On your visit to this place, remember to carry along with you a camera for wonderful photographs.


Next on the list of the natural wonders in Sri Lanka is the world’s famous landscape, Sierra. This is the most favorite spot for many tourists and has been so for over the past decades. In Asian history, Nigeria city has remained the most adventurous place. Among the reasons why this place is considered a natural wonder are;

The famous two rectangular precincts
Natural water pools, green gardens, and terrace gardens

3.Dumballa cave temple:

Gemballa cave holds so much history of the 1st BC as far as ancient Asia is concerned. It is believed that the Dumballa cave offered refuge to king Valagambahu after escaping the unfriendly hands of the Indians. Features that make Dumballa cave temple a must-see attraction include;

The traditional structure of the temple, it is amazing how the Dumballa temple is constructed on rocks
Ancient paintings used to decorate the structure Horton

4.Horton plains:

Another place to explore nature’s beauty is at Horton plains. It is a very unique water ground that feeds three different rivers. Horton plain is considered one of the natural wonders in Sri Lanka because

It has very unique water channels that have a wonderful landscape.
The presence of Bakers falls, one of the famous falls in Sri Lanka.
Formation of Chiming pools which supplies wildlife and plants with plenty of water
Arugam Bay

5.Arugam Bay:

Last on the list of natural wonders of Sri Lanka is the most adventurous destination of all time, Arugam Bay.

This region is occupied mostly by farmers and fishermen. Apart from characteristics, Arugam Bay is also the perfect place to engage in adventure activities such as Nature walks to explore wildlife, watching birds and Biking, Surfing, Swimming, and fishing. Sun baking, is the most ideal thing to do if you happen to visit Arugam Bay during summer

If you have been looking forward to visiting a destination that comprises natural wonders, amazing tourist attraction sites, and adventurous activities to beat boredom then Sri Lanka is

the place you have been looking for In order to get to these wonderful destinations, you need to apply for a Sri Lankan Visa and have your journey started.

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