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Murcha Pranayama: Method, Benefits And Precautions

What is Murcha Pranayama:

The stressful and busiest lifestyle of the present time has kept the human being troubled by worries and mental illnesses. Due to which the physical energy of humans also decreases. You can easily compensate for this deficiency by doing Murcha Pranayama. Pranayama also has its own special importance in yoga and in this episode, the method and benefits of pranayama that we are going to tell you today are the idolatry pranayama. So let us know the method and advantages of unconscious pranayama.

What is Murcha Pranayama:

The Sanskrit word ‘Murchha’ means unconsciousness. The state of suspension of all mental activities, as is clear from its name. Both Hathapradipika and Gherandasamhita have included Murcha Pranayama among the eight types of Pranayama. It is difficult for any ordinary person to do this pranayama. Therefore it has been said that this pranayama should be done only after attaining mastery in the above pranayama. This pranayama helps in achieving lofty goals. Siddhayogi does this pranayama. Murthy Pranayama protects you from stress, anxiety, and depression and is also effective for patients affected by mental problems and impotence.

Method of Mucha Pranayama:

  • First of all, you sit in Padmasana or Siddhasana.


  • Close your eyes.


  • Now tilt your head back and breathe slowly through both the nasal cavity.


  • Do Kumbhaka and keep steady while performing Shambhavi mudra.


  • While exhaling slowly, straighten the head.


  • It was a cycle.


  • In this way, you do 3 to 5 cycles and then slowly increase the cycle.


Benefits of Murthy Pranayama:

  • Meditation Pranayama: This is great pranayama for meditation.


  • Bringing closer to the soul: Its regular practice helps you to reach the spiritual level.


  • Mental Stability: This Pranayama leads you to a different state while providing physical and mental stability.


  • In reducing stress: It plays a very important role in reducing stress.


  • To reduce anxiety: It is a useful Pranayama to remove anxiety and anger.


  • Prana Energy: It increases vital energy.


  • Mental disease: It is very beneficial in the treatment of mental disease.


Precautions of Murcha pranayama

  • High blood pressure: People suffering from high blood pressure should not practice this.


  • Mastik-Pressure: Do not do this by a person suffering from Mastik – pressure.


  • This practice brings you into a state of unconsciousness, so it should be practiced under the guidance of an expert.


  • People suffering from heart or lung diseases should not do this pranayama.


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