Mobile App Development in 2021: List of Top 5 Frameworks

Do you ever wonder how many mobile applications are available out there? It’s more than 5 million! That’s a pretty significant figure, right? And as per the growing popularity and advanced smartphone features, this figure is expected to increase rapidly. But what makes it so easy for the development companies to design a user-friendly application in no time? There are many factors and elements behind this process, and one of them is app development frameworks. But what are these, and what are the best frameworks for developing a mobile application?

Well, do not worry, as a mobile application development company will have all the answers to your query. But before that, this article can also help in clearing most of your doubts regarding mobile app development frameworks. So, let’s get started.

Mobile App Framework: The basic building structure of an application

A mobile app development framework is a fundamental structure or a development platform consisting of numerous components like coding interfaces, compilers, debuggers, toolkits, development kits, libraries, etc. It provides a layout that makes it possible for the mobile app development process to take place. With the tools and libraries available in these frameworks, it becomes easy for a developer to build a cost-effective and robust application.

The mobile app development frameworks are classified into three major types, based on the categories of applications for which you can use these frameworks. The three classifications of mobile apps are Native, Hybrid, and Web apps.

Native Apps

These are the applications designed to work on a specific platform like Android, iOS, or Windows.

Web Apps

These apps require a web interface for functioning and provide web pages on various web platforms for the devices.

Hybrid Apps

Simply a combination of the two apps mentioned above designed on a single code base for multiple platforms.

These applications generally require the following frameworks in the app development process:

  • Native App frameworks
  • Hybrid App frameworks

There is no doubt that Native applications are the best in terms of performance and functional aspects. However, these apps are pretty expensive compared to the other two types. Moreover, it becomes challenging for native applications to serve diverse smartphone users.

Therefore, from a budget point of view, businesses generally prefer Hybrid Mobile app development tools for developing an application. Moreover, Hybrid apps are also powerful and well-performing; they are just a little less than native applications.

Top Five Frameworks You Should Know About in 2021


  • An easy-to-use and learnable open-source framework.
  • It comes with a stunning set of UI elements with which you can have Android, iOS, and Windows applications with a native feel.
  • For the ones who are proficient in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, working with Framework7 becomes as easy as ABC.
  • It is easily customizable and makes an efficient prototyping tool.
  • An ecosystem containing extensive tools like plug-ins, icons, and templates makes mobile app development in Framework7 super convenient.

React Native

  • React Native is an open-source, cross-platform app development framework developed in the house of Facebook.
  • Though being one of the newcomers out there, it has gained widespread popularity due to its faster app development and deployment processes.
  • One of the best features about React Native is that its components and codes are reusable.
  • Integration with third-party plug-ins is pretty easy in React Native that helps in performance enhancement.
  • Several top brands and companies like Instagram, Tesla, Airbnb, Skype, and many more used React Native as their developing framework.


  • JQuery is an HTML-based framework popular for its user-friendly interface.
  • It is lightweight, which helps in scaling and creating customizable apps.
  • Since it is touch-optimized and can run on a single codebase, developing interactive cross-platform applications becomes easy.
  • It supports various plug-ins like content slider, image slider, pop-up boxes, etc., making it a robust theming framework.
  • With JQuery, you can also get quick and extensive API support.


  • It is one of the widely used and rapid mobile app development frameworks developed by Microsoft Corp.
  • Based on .Net, it runs on C#, which requires lesser codes compared to others.
  • Xamarin has various noteworthy features like diagnostic tools, application loader, SDK manager, and much more.
  • It has a versatile backend infrastructure that provides a seamless native performance.
  • Besides the exciting tools and features Xamarin has, it also gets support from a strong community of more than 60000 contributors.


  • Also known as the 2-D game engine, Corona is a great pick for the companies that are in the gaming industry.
  • It runs on a lightweight yet powerful scripting language known as Lua that provides a fantastic platform for developing high-quality games.
  • This framework can integrate with any native library due to solid API support.
  • It consists of a wide variety of plug-ins and development tools.
  • The framework also offers additional features, such as real-time testing, automatic updation of code/assets, etc.

In the present scenario, the mobile app development industry is witnessing a tremendous shift in advancement, design, features, integration, and deployment. In these times, when every business wants to rule the market, it becomes important to come up with something that differentiates you from others. Therefore, to make a difference, your app should show robust performance and exciting features.

To attain this goal, it is crucial to choose the proper framework for your mobile app. Therefore, if you have a fantastic mobile app concept in your mind, talk to a mobile application development company today and get an application that best suits your business requirements.

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