Mistakes To Avoid While Doing Off-Page SEO

Since you are here that means that you have definitely heard of Off-Page SEO. And are new to SEO and want to avoid them or are already working as an SEO expert and just want to make sure that you are not doing any of them.

Well before talking about the mistake first let me talk about what SEO and off-page SEO is. As it will help things more clear to the new people who have just joined the industry and are here out of interest.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. I am sure just by its abbreviation most of you have guessed what it is for. And if not no biggy I will explain in a bit. First, let me ask you if you are a new brand then what is the best place to get new customers on your platform in the digital industry?

The obvious answer would be the search engine and social media. But mostly the search engine. As most people in social media are directly or indirectly related to you one way or another.

But that’s not the case for search engines. Most of them are completely new and stumble upon you while searching for what they need. But there are lots of sites out there that provide the same service so how would the search engine decide to show you as one of the first suggestions as to the search result. Well, to ensure that we optimize our site according to the search engine’s policies so that it may suggest use. And this type of optimization is known as search engine optimization or SEO for short. And as for its popularity well if look it up you would notice that whether it’s creating a steady income funnel through a stable job in a firm or earn from home online through sites like Upwork, Freelancer, etc.

Off-Page SEO and mistakes to avoid

SEO is divided into two parts. One is on-page SEO the other is off-page SEO. The on-page SEO is about the things that we have to do within the webpage. Like optimizing the images, the contents, the code files, etc. While the off-page is about the things that are done externally. Like creating backlinks, ads, guest posting, etc.

Since you are here that means you are here to learn about the off-page SEO problems you might face. So let me tell you about some of the common off-page SEO mistakes that new SEO experts tend to make.

Paid backlinks

This is the most common and idiotic mistake an expert can do. As it direct violates google’s policies. Buying links to generate backlinks can not only cause harm to your site’s ranking once you get caught you might also be blacklisted by the search engine as well.

Comment spamming

Another common mistake is spamming your links on blog comments without proper planning or formatting. If you just spam your site links here and there then people might think of it as a fishing link and avoid it and some sites might even remove or disallow your comments.

Unnatural links

Linking up all the words you can think of to a post might look like a very effective way of ranking your site for search engines but believe me that’s not the case. With the advancement of the search engine algorithm, this type of link can even lead to doing more harm rather than good.

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