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Canon printer connection on WPS method

Canon is one of the best printing companies in the world today. It is a brand which is made to suit several requirements of people. One can find a ton of features within it. WPS pin canon printer  Along with which you also have the option of world-class printing right at your house. The manner of its setup is simple too, and the kind of returns this printer offers are also very high. Overall, it is highly recommended that one invest in a printer from the Canon company.

Make sure that before you do the canon printer connection using the wps pin canon printer method, you are able to first do its setup properly. Establish printer connection using steps given in the printer manual, and only then proceed with it. Ensure that the device has been cleaned, connected to a proper power source, etc. before you start to proceed with this method as well.

  1. First switch on the device and insert the CD within it as well. Make sure you check the device peripherals before this is done. The printer must be in working condition, the entire setup must be arranged in a manner to suit your needs as well. Usually, the program setup starts on its own as well. Otherwise, you might need to download the required software for this purpose too.
  2. A host of dialog boxes will show up on your screen, make sure you grant the required permissions which are needed before you move forward with the setup process too. Another thing which you have to keep in mind is that the correct printer is attached to your setup. This is something that will prevent the wrong command from being sent to the printer as well. Make sure your printer setup and commands are being issued to the correct device.
  3. Overall, the network connection also has a bearing on where the commands are being sent. This would mean that the printer network must be established properly and then you can initiate a connection in a proper manner. Make sure that you have a good working internet connection for this.
  4. Any internet connection being hampered in this process might also cause problems in the long run as the device may overall get disturbed. The network connection might also not fully be able to be established if this is not done. Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure you have the network pin and security key or the WPS pin which is required to move forward with this method of connection.
  5. Out of the settings option given, make sure that you select the WPS button and then you click on it. This will then enable a dialog box to show up on the screen in front of you. Ensure you click on the option which enables the usage of the WPS pin instead of the WPS button method.
  6. After this, you will be asked to put in the pin of the WPS which you had looked at from behind the router of the printer at an earlier stage. Make sure that this is done in a proper way and that you have also noted down the number or the pin correctly. It will prevent the printer setup from happening in the manner as imagined.
  7. Ensure that you have the printer setup and then you will have to give it some time for the network connection to get established before you start using the printer device as well. Make sure that you have the printing pages and paper within the tray, as well as the ink within it too.
  8. Conduct a few test prints and check whether the entire process has been working properly or not. This is also something that needs to be checked in case all of the steps have been not followed or to identify which of the steps have been missed out on.


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