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Manali Leh Highway Tourist Squares

The previous article in the Leh Highway Travel Guide Leh follows this article on the Manali Leh Highway. This article is in English only. The latest article on the route Manali to Leh deals with various accommodation options. I will give some information in this article about some of the major tourist attractions in Manali Leh.


For all of us, this is different from going on a trip or holiday. While people often may visit Ladakh, not all of us want to visit Ladakh or maybe each year. One of the most frequently asked questions about their travel plans from somebody who asked me “Did I skip something?” Or “Is this plan designed for various tourist sites or objects?”


So what did you see on the highway in Manali to Leh? There is something special to offer every tourist destination, each hill station, every city, something interesting to thousands of tourists every year. What did the highway offer in Manali Leh? Where did you stop? Where did you stop? Which location can you pass? Can you save a practical list to make sure you don’t miss it? Please read to see.


What should be seen in Manali Leh Highway?


The whole highway Manali Leh is quite honest tourist destination. This 400 km long road is a destination where you will enjoy the natural beauty of each turn. I feel quite difficult and even unfair to show a certain place that can be called a “tourist attraction.” Yes, I agree that some places are worth a little longer than others and the idea that underlies this article is to give you information about what you are going through to keep your eyes open.


Below is a list of what you will find on the highway, Manali Leh.


Natural beauty is nothing but this is of course at the top of the list. Every turn will captivate you, as I mentioned above. Every sigh worthy of views, from the green hills of the valley of the clean to the cold wilderness in Ladakh.


After breakfast is full, go here to visit the monasteries. There is a similar thread of peace that runs through them, regardless of whether it’s Hemis Monastery with the high Buddha Statue or the many stupas made of gold and silver with Tibetan thangkas. To admire its classical Tibetan architecture, visit the Thiksey Monastery, the largest in Ladakh. Come to the Shanti Stupa at night and enjoy some more quiet moments, return to the town with a traditional Tibetan meal.


The Nubra Valley, and the Hunder Desert, in the heart of the country, are fine examples of this. Book a room in advance, so Nubra and Hunder are better spent during a night’s stay. There must be experienced to the radically shifting views through the 6 hours drive through the Khardung La! Experience the silver majesty of the Hunder Sand Dunes right in the middle of the luscious valley and experience the rare two-high camels. You could enjoy even a flight!


Adventure: Do I have to say that? Driving on a road that is only five months in a year opening and completing your trip fulfilling your mind with a feeling of a lifetime achievement.


Solitude: Solitude is sometimes difficult to find in a country like us, the second most popular in the world, but during your trip from Delhi to Leh Ladakh honeymoon packages you will get a lot.


Peace: Soul that is visible, the only sound of cold winds, on a hill with snowy mountains around, and you will get the idea.


Culture: Lady, monastery, food, and experience of great people and testify of their culture and habits; You will not find anything else in this country.


Height height passes: You pass a total of five high heights to Leh, which is the experience of each of themselves.


Nallah: Driven by water flow with damaged rocks below, on one side of the mountain and at straight ends? Be prepared, because you will do it on Jalan Manali Leh several times.


Tourist Places on Manali Leh Highway


The question, however, remains what do you see. Where are you going to stop and spend a little longer? Below are some places that are, I believe, the star of this journey. A detailed description of these locations is provided in this article.


  • Manali
  • Rohtang La
  • Jispa
  • Deepak Taal
  • Baralacha La
  • Suraj Taal
  • Shaheed Sainik Bhawan
  • Gata Loops
  • Nakeela
  • Lachulung La
  • Moore Plains
  • Tso Kar
  • Tanglang La

I am also going to enter a short description of Jalan Manali Leh’s places below. During your trip to a place that’s worth a visit, you can take mold, more like a checklist.




Manali is one of the most important tourist destinations in our country and does not need to be introduced. This small town is beautiful by itself with a height of 2.5 meters (6,726 feet), even though it becomes too crowded today.


Traveling from Manali to Leh means that from June to September, from June to July, you are also in Manali and will be ready for a crowd of visitors. This is a tourist season here too.


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