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Love Shayari in english, Whatsapp Status 2021

Whatsapp Status 2021 Love Shayari in english

Love Shayari in english, Whatsapp Status 2021

sad shayari

Hello friends, in this post you will get Whatsapp Status 2021 Love Shayari in hindi,
new Loving and Romantic love and beautiful Hindi status.
Love is such a thing that if it happens to someone,
neither they just want anything else from the world.
We have all been listening to millions of stories of love,
but when it is 2021 that you fall in love with someone,
neither does that person feel good about everything in the world. Friends,
we have brought some such special Romantic 2021 and a collection of shayari and status made on Loving.
Which you can put on Facebook, Whatsappv 2021 and any social media site on the Internet. And if you like this post of ours,
then do share it with your friends too.

Love Shayari in english, Whatsapp Status 


Some people are so beautiful in the heart that, whether
they meet or not, even then throughout their life,
they would love to love them.

motivational quotes in hindi
Somebody lit a lamp in love and
someone decorated the face burnt in love with a smile,
please don’t ever pour acid on a girl.

Whatsapp Love Shayari in Hindi

My status which was yesterday,
it is today and will be tomorrow also,
my status is not calendar, which is not status with year friends..

The burnt is called fire and the extinguished is
called ashes and the one whose kingdom you are studying is called the father.

People say that love is blind –
it is in fact
a true girl finds the wrong guy and a true boy finds a wrong girl
To smile in loneliness is also love,

to hide this thing from everyone is also love, like this one
cannot sleep
at nights , but to wake up after sleeping at night is also love.

There are many reasons to die,
only “you” to live.

It was a very beautiful moment,
when he said that I
am in love with you and will remain with you.

Compulsions are hidden,
when any person says
leave me alone.

Yesterday I asked your relation with my heart, then my
heart said that I am not yours as I am of


Leaves with every human

But there is only one friend who

Always have to support.

tell you what will happen after you die will
eat polo and be fatiha

Batao Aapko Marne Ke Baad Kya Hoga
Polau Khayenge Aur Fatiha Hoga.

Hot shayari not me 2021

Hid the reality from us, did its makeup,
which Laila thought was Laila’s grandmother

Hakikat Ko Chupaya Hum Se Kya Kya Iske Maikup Ne
Jise Laila Samjh Baithe Wo Laila Ki Daadi Nikli

How could we stay away from you?
How could I forget you from my heart?
I wish that you lived in the mirror apart from this heart;
When you look in the mirror to see yourself, you will be seen there too.

I will decorate your picture in the marble palace;
In this heart of mine, O love, I will decorate your dreams;
Try it once and see, I will settle in your heart;
I am thirsty for love who will die in your arms.

Dil se dil tak shayari in hindi dil se dil tak

How could we stay away from you?
How could I forget you from my heart?
I wish that you lived in the mirror apart from this heart;
When you look in the mirror to see yourself, you will be seen there too.

Can’t understand the depth of the eyes;
We cannot say anything with our lips;
How can we tell this Hal-e-Dil to you;
That it is you without whom we cannot live.

Hot Shayari In Hindi
It was not our fate, that there would have been Visal-e-Yaar,
if we had kept on living, this would have been the wait
, if we go on your promise, then knowing this to be a lie,
that we would not have died happily if it had been so

Breaks the boundaries and comes like a bird,

It is your memory that does not divide like countries.

I do not understand the depth of my words,
I have said every word which is called love.

WhatsApp love Shayari
The person who smells from your picture,
think what will happen to him in your sight.

2021 Hot shayari

Friends, if you do it Whatsapp Status 2021 Love Shayari in Hindi good start you can tell us a comment and if you have had a slight decrease in us in writing from the heart that you can tell by comments Shayrian bring That’s why you must tell us by commenting and apart from this, if there is something about your heart, then definitely tell us in the comment, maybe I can also share your heart so that other people also know about the importance of love. Let’s go.

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