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Lotus Flower Drawing Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These Tips

Lotus flower drawing is a very ancient idea.

Lotus flower drawing implies an analytical approach. The analytical approach assumes a direct connection between ancient traditions and practices that have been and are being practiced by people of different cultures. The analytical tradition in psychology is a way to integrate this large culturological cloud, this common conscious and unconscious into some kind of general system of describing modern people.

An analytical approach means that we have the opportunity to work with a metaphor, in the context of an image, as well as in a spiritual context. An analytical approach to coaching is a way to work with a collective egregor, through our applied, understandable to our way of life, tools. DO NOT become adherents of special schools, but use the full breadth of knowledge of their own life.

Structural composition is always a structural reflection of the analytical approach.

lotus flower drawing

Neurolotos model.

The idea of a blossoming lotus has existed in psychological culture for a very long time.

Many mystics refer to this idea of the Lotus, both in Hinduism and in Buddhism, as a symbol of the opening of the Soul.

From the point of view of coaching, consider the unfolding lotus flower drawing not just as an opening of the Soul, but as a process of realizing this Soul.

It is important to apply this energy, which comes to the opening of the Soul, somewhere in life.

From the point of view of art, Eurographics is a special style.

Technically important:

– at the first stage, quickly and boldly draw a sketch.

Here meanings are laid, neural networks are connected.

– At the second stage, it is necessary to process the drawing. Here the picture looks as clean and smooth as possible. Right now, meanings are filled and form impressions, which, from the point of view of psychology, is the basis for thinking.

Neurography drawing is a method of forming the unconscious, which then works to form thinking.

Practice drawing the petals of the lotus flower drawing.

Drawing the Lotus.

Define the topic of the work.

What is the most relevant for you today?

By thinking about a topic, you activate the neural networks associated with that topic.

The topic is the main impetus in your work.

  1. Put the point of presence of your consciousness in the center of the sheet. This is the center. The beginning of the World.

Symbolically, “to occupy the center” means to allow yourself to say “I AM”. Take a dominant position. On the plane of the sheet.

You can get out of the state of abundance when everything is good in the center.

  1. Circle the point. This is your theme – Flower Seed.

“As I see my topic now. The present is in the subject »

The seed is thrown.

  1. Around this circle, draw + four more circles.

Each circle is a new development step with its unique meaning.

The circles don’t have to be straight. Draw by hand. Lotus flower drawings are all different, lively and each with its features and character.

  1. A set of petals begins to unfold from the seed.

The first set of forms enables the seed to unfold. First circle – Seed disclosure.

There is no vital movement where energy is packed inside.

Right now, the first outward movements of energy are taking place. There is movement in life.

The number of petals doesn’t matter. This is your theme idea. What does your theme consist of? Reflect on this. And as soon as there was the disclosure of the seed – Appears Fruit.

Your intention creates a movement to develop the topic. For the theme to develop, it is necessary to organize a certain mental theme in your head, a certain image that will be filled with practical meaning.

Our consciousness thinks objectively, therefore, it is important that in the process of drawing each petal, we have a certain number of elements in the brain with the appropriate content.

It is a reaction to your idea, to the seed that has opened.

Determine the number of petals yourself.

The more forms that can take on meanings, the more this meaning is realized.

During operation, it is important to listen to what is happening to you at every stage of drawing. Take your time.

What does each petal in your theme mean at this stage of the drawing? How does the body react to each petal?

At this stage, the fruit has its content, its meaning.

At the next level of lotus flower drawing development, the Sprout appears. Something that breaks through the ground. This is already visible to everyone.

What could it be in your topic? What visible elements can a lotus flower drawing give at this stage of development?

It is possible at this moment to bring color into the drawing to allow sensations to manifest themselves, to allow them to come to the surface of the body, to allow feelings to form.

The intuition and impressions of your topic are gaining momentum.

A short pause in the introduction of color into the work makes it possible to realize the feelings and sensations from the work, which will not remain a bare structure (drawing a diagram) but will become the subject of experiences and sensations.

After the sprout appears, the lotus flower drawing appears. Your drawing doesn’t have to be geometrically correct. This also has an idea – to learn to boldly make mistakes.

Beauty is not when it is right, but beauty in Neurographics is where there is the purity of connections and there is a connection of objects with each other. This is the feeling of beauty at the level of neuroaesthetics.

Think, into what your flower blooms? What can your theme blossom into?

But the flower is not yet the Result. Learn more about how to draw a girl.

The lotus flower drawing turns into a Fruit / Fruit over time. The level of the Fruit-bearing Tree.

What is it all for?

What meaning do you want to fill the result of your theme with? How will this be manifested?

Gradually pick up the petals of the Result. Expand the consciousness of the topic.

This is the fifth level of your Lotus.

Next, the sixth level – effects. The effects last much longer than the impression of the result.

Taking into account the first set point in the center of the lotus flower drawing, this can be considered the seventh level.

The Neurolotos model is a complete model of the creation of the Universe.

Initially, by specifying only the point of presence, at the first stage, the history of subsequent effects is also laid simultaneously.

In consciousness, everything is initially laid down: time, strength, potential. If at some stage there is no outward movement, then a new stage of this movement should be formed.

If there is no flowering, then set a new flowering, draw this flowering in the Neurolotos.

Now you can correct the drawing, round off the corners.

The more rounds in the drawing, the more our unconscious confidence in it. You can add color to a drawing intuitively by choosing a color, or by the color of the chakras.

Observe your body and sensations as you paint.

How does energy flow, how is it released into the future?

At each level of drawing, imagine how your theme might develop within each stage.

How does a topic emerge from an uncertain future and become conscious?

Your theme has its energy, its form, and everything that has a form, a person can be aware of.

If there is no object of attraction behind any idea, then the person only simulates understanding.

Add a margin line to the drawing by attaching it to space.

In Eurographics, several ideas are combined: drawing and aesthetic pleasure. When the Soul receives Aesthetic pleasure, pleasure, then at this time all the meanings that we activate, thanks to these pleasures, acquire the power of realization, strength incarnations.

Aesthetics – this is the border between spiritual and social forces.

Therefore, the power of harmony, embodied in such an aesthetic instrument as Neurographics, becomes even stronger.

Having received inspiration from the drawing of the Neurolotos, you get a huge resource for solving tasks in a given topic.

Drawing a Neurolotos allows you to lay a great future in every movement of a new theme.

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