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Leverage AI in Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI), which used to only be used in science fiction, is now a big part of many things we do every day. AI is being used more and more in digital marketing to customize websites, make content, predict how customers will act, and do a lot more. The advantages of AI and machine learning are being increasingly realized by marketers. In 2023, 94% of marketing companies will use AI and machine learning, or they will use it more according to InfinitePeer.

A company’s use of AI in digital marketing could benefit from it in two ways. One is in the back end, where marketers use AI to estimate how much a product will sell, build profiles of their customers, and buy ads automatically. The other is how the company interacts with its clients, where artificial intelligence is being used to increase revenue and brand loyalty. In fact, 75% of companies using AI and ML claim that, as a result, customer satisfaction has increased by 10% or more.

These four examples demonstrate how businesses are utilizing AI in digital marketing.

  1. Chatbots
  2. Content Creation
  3. Image Recognition Technology 
  4. Predictive Content

Talking to your customers with chatbots

Conversational software, sometimes called “chatbots”, uses artificial intelligence to “chat” with users and give them the right answers. You may have talked to a chatbot in the past when you needed help answering a question about a product or service on a website. If you haven’t already, you will soon! Chatbots, which can also be used in messaging apps, are thought to be the most promising way to talk to your customers.

Your business won’t be actively marketed to the public by a chatbot. This new way to promote your services and interact with your customers is very different from the old ways you’re used to. Chatbots are effective marketing tools, especially on social media, because they can send messages on behalf of the business, collect customer data that can be used to target specific customers, and provide customer service that helps both the brand and the customer. By asking more focused questions, chatbots can also move customers along in the sales process and nudge them toward making a purchase.

Creating content for your business

Since the early days of content marketing, marketers have known that making content is one of their biggest challenges. The production of high-quality content takes time. In this way, artificial intelligence can be helpful because it can complete this part of the process for a marketer. These AI tools can create articles of several hundred words that appear to have been written by a real person. They can create ad copy, social media messages, and even marketing images and videos, all of which are examples of specialized content. 

AI Image Recognition

Not least among these AI tools is image recognition software, which businesses may use to provide better customer service. On social networking sites like Instagram, you may have used image recognition when a friend was automatically tagged in a picture you posted. 

Predicting your users

Beyond chatbots, AI has further applications in the corporate world. Once it has enough data about potential clients and consumers, it may use that data to make predictions about what those people will do and communicate with them more specifically. Email, a dynamic website, or a chatbot like the one we just discussed are all possible delivery methods for this information. So AI can help send emails on time with relevant information based on what the recipient does and likes.

An email with the content that is most likely to interest the client can be sent to them using AI, which can learn from the customer’s browser history, blog post engagement, and other engagement signals. AI can also predict when a customer’s interest in a brand is starting to wane. This is called “churn prediction,” and when it happens, it can send customized messages to try to get the customer interested again.

AI is already in almost all of our devices and daily activities, so it’s easy for us to use it to our advantage. However, in order to increase customer pleasure, brand loyalty, and revenue, marketers also need to understand how to apply AI’s benefits to their business. Aside from AI, there are many more new tools, trends, and technologies that marketers need to stay on top of. This kind of training is important if you want your team to do well in the digital world of today.

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