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Let’s beat prostate cancer together

prostate cancer treatment

Prostate cancer is a prevalent cancer disease between the penis and bladder. The disease cells grow in the male body, which occurs when cells in the prostate gland start growing out of control. Though, it’s a very severe problem and has various challenges in the treatment. Many countries have recorded several cases in their hospitals, and the United States has witnessed many sufferers across the globe. However, one can quickly recover from the disorder if one detects the signs early. 

The prostate cancer hospital in India helps their patients protect their immune systems from complete damage. Although, if you wish to beat prostate cancer, it is necessary to understand the disease, signs, risk factors, and treatment. Now let’s learn more about it in brief.    

What is prostate cancer? 

Prostate cancer occurs in the prostate gland. The walnut-shaped prostate gland discovers below the bladder. It is a slowly-growing illness that leads to deadly harm if confined outside the gland. The cells begin transmuting abnormally and can occur without any symptoms frequently. According to some reports,

prostate cancer that occurs without any signs or symptoms are more likely to have deadly results

Although the recovery rate of the disease has improved over the years, it needs personalized detection and early treatment for a speedy recovery. 

What are the types of prostate cancer?

Supine cancer has different terrible forms that occur inside the male body. Learning about the cancer cell helps doctors proceed with the right prostate cancer surgery in India. They do observe the size and abnormality of cancer using a microscope. Below are the four major types: 

That said, even with insurance, many men are struggling to afford the treatment costs associated with prostate cancer. Luckily prostate cancer financial assistance exists!

  1. Acinar adenocarcinoma – An Acinar Adenocarcinoma is a cancer found inside the gland cells. Almost every 3rd person in the country has this type. It is a common form of prostate cancer. 
  2. Ductal adenocarcinoma– It is another form of prostate cancer found inside the cells. Cancer lines the tubes and spreads faster in the male body than in Acinar adenocarcinoma. 
  3. Urothelial cancer- Urothelial cancer starts in the bladder and later spreads to the prostate. Like, Ductal cancer, Urothelial cancer also lines the tube carrying urine and slowly affect your urine system. 
  4. Squamous cancer– Squamous cancer grows from flat cells and covers the prostate. It also has a quick spread than Acinar cancer inside the gland. 

Besides these, the other two cancers rarely develop in the male body prostate: Sarcoma and Neuroendocrine tumors.  

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What are the signs of prostate cancer?

Indeed, some men do not have any symptoms, while some can look upon the following signs to discover the disorder before its too late- 

  1. Poor bladder control
  2. Difficulty in Urine stream either with stopping or starting 
  3. Thin urine system 
  4. Pain while urinating 
  5. Fever or body aches 
  6. Blood in urine 
  7. Back pain or hips pain


Who is at risk from prostate cancer?

Generally, the risk factor of prostate cancer depends on your genes, age, race, and obesity. Here is the description you can read to understand the risk better-

Genes– If any blood relative once had prostate cancer, a weak urine system, or a risk of cancer, you can develop the symptoms and disease. Once you detect the problem, it is better to consult your doctor shortly. 

Age- With time, an older man is at a higher risk of prostate cancer. The average age for the disease has defined as 50. As you grow old, your immune system turns weaker, and so does the urine system. 

Race- The ratio of African Americans to get prostate cancer at a young age is twice that of other white men. Although, the United States has most cases across all regions. 

Obesity- Overweight people are more prone to the disease than those who have a balanced weight. Once cancer occurs inside obese people, it may rise again after treatment.

 How to prevent cancer? 

There are specific ways of preventing cancer like maintaining healthy diets, consuming low-fat food, etc. However, it does not provide complete assurance but can reduce the risk of disorder to some extent. 

  1. Daily exercise- Exercise boosts our overall health, balancing our weight or assuring mental health. A daily routine will surely help you stay fit and protect yourself from several diseases. Likewise, people with high-risk factors, such as the general public of the United States, must follow the prevention measures to protect themselves from such illness.
  2. Maintain a diet- Choosing healthy food rich in minerals and vitamins will simultaneously improve your immune system and maintain healthy vitamin levels. 

 How much does prostate surgery cost in India?

The treatment cost of prostate cancer surgery in India generally relies on the type of cancer developed in your body. Although, an average treatment cost starts from INR Rs. 1,45,000 to 9,35,000, varying on the risk factors, size, and forms. 

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