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Kudremukh Trek – The Most Beautiful Trek in Karnataka


Kudremukh trek is the Kannad word for Horse’s face. The peak got the name Kudremukh due to its distinctive shape. Since ancient times, it has also been known as Samseparvath due to its accessibility from the Samse village. 

Kudremukh trek is located in the Chikkamagaiuru district and is part of the Kudremukh National Park. This national park is the western ghat’s second-largest wildlife-protected area.

The Kudremukh trek has an elevation of 6,270 feet and is Karnataka’s third-highest peak after Mullayyangiri and Baba Budangiri.

The trekking trail of the Kudremukh trek is filled with a variety of flora and fauna. While trekking if you are lucky enough you would be able to spot peacocks and deer. The beautiful trekking trail with green mist-filled valleys and hills freshens the atmosphere as you trek through green grasslands, dense forests, and several small streams.

The Horse’s face structure of the peak

Kudremukh peak got its name from the Kannada word Kudremukh which means the horse’s face. The peak resembles the structure of a horse’s face and you can see it after an hour-long trekking journey from the forest office. After that, you still need to trek for another 3 hours to reach the peak.

Trekking inside the Shola forest

The grasslands and shrublands in the western ghats are locally known as Shola. To reach the peak you need to trek through the Shola forest.

If you are lucky enough you can see many animals like deer, Malabar giant squirrel, leopard, common langur, lion-tailed macaque, and many more animals as Shola first is home to many species of wild animals. Leeches can be found in every section of this forest during the monsoon season.

The route to the peak takes you through many waterfalls, and streams which makes the trekking journey more fascinating.

Spectacular View of the Rolling Hills

Once you come out of the Shola forest, the misty green rolling hills welcome you with their spectacular views. The monsoon season covers the hills with mist completely and you can enjoy the hide and seek of the valley between the mist and clouds.

Trail Information on the Kudremukh Trek

The trekking trail of Kudremukh is divided into 3 parts, the trekking trail from the forest office to Ontimara 2, from Ontimara 2 to the final stretch, and finally the ridge walk from the final section to Kudremukh peak. 

From Forest Office to Ontimara 2 (lone tree)

This is a trekking journey that gradually descends into a forest and then to grassland. The journey is 5km long and takes about 2 hours to cover the distance. You also need to get permission from the forest office for the further trekking journey. The actual trekking journey begins from the forest office. On your way, you will be able to see the beautiful Somawathi waterfall and its loud gushing sound will accompany you till you enter the forest.

As you enter the Shola forest the vegetation gradually gets denser. Shola first is home to amazing wildlife and if you are lucky enough you might be able to spot some of them. During monsoon, the floor of the Shola forest is occupied by several leeches and you can find them everywhere.

In a day only 50 people are given permission to go on the trekking journey. Hence, you must make sure that you reach the forest office as early as possible. On your way, you will be crossing a stream, and if you trekking in the monsoon then the water level might be high. Carry along a good trekking pole that will help you to cross the stream. To avoid leeches on the Kudremukh trek during the monsoon, apply some Savlon or Dettol to your shoes and legs.

Before you reach the first Ontimara, you will come across several streams and waterfalls. The Ontimara is surrounded by a wide canopy. Once you exit the Shola forest and traverse through the first Ontimara the trekking trail is flat and has the Kudremuk valley to your right and beautiful mountains to the left. The green grassland has several dense trees that add beauty to the grassland. 

After 90 minutes trekking journey, you will reach the second Ontimara. The journey from the forest office to the second Ontimara takes about 2 hours.

From Ontimara 2 to Final Stretch

This journey has a steep ascent with a trekking distance of 3km which takes about 1 hour to reach the destination. The trekking trail from Ontimara 2 is a combination of gentle and steep ascents. As you come closer to the final stretch, the gentle trail starts getting steeper. The last part of this journey is mesmerizing and you will be able to see the scenic rolling green hills.

As you come closer to the Kudremukh valley the surrounding gets more and more beautiful. This is the most exciting part of the Kudremukh trek as you are able to see the Kudremukh peak right in front of your eyes and your mind gets more and more excited to reach the peak.

From the final stretch to Kudremukh peak

This part of the trekking journey will be a ridge walk from the final section to the peak. To reach the peak, you need to trek for 30 minutes and cover a distance of 1 km. If you initiate your trekking journey at about 8 am, you will probably reach at around 12 noon. Once you reach take a rest and enjoy the spectacular views. After a short break, you will trek for about 35 minutes to reach the Kudremukh peak.

From the peak, you will be able to get a 270-degree view of the mesmerizing surroundings and the beautiful Kudremukh valley. Most of the time, the peak is surrounded by mist and you can hardly get a clear atmosphere to capture the mesmerizing valley. But you can still enjoy the mist and clouds that surround the peak.

After exploring the beauty of Kudremukh peak, it’s time for you to descend back. You must begin your backward journey at the most at 1 pm. It takes about 3 hours to reach the starting point of the trek. The first department also has restrictions and does not allow trekkers after 6 pm.

Best Time to plan the Kudremukh Trek

The region of Kalasa has pleasant weather throughout the year but the Months of June to February are best for planning a trekking trip to Kudremukh. Monsoon and winter offer several streams for you to see and the bamboo shrubs get tall enough to touch the sky. Summer trekking is not feasible as some parts of the trek involve trekking in open grasslands.

How to reach Kudremukh Trek


The Kudremukh trek begins in Mullodi village, about 15 kilometers from Kalasa. It is difficult to reach Mullodi directly. You must first travel about 10 kilometers from Kalasa to the Kudremukh Entrance.

You need to hire a jeep to Mullodi village from the entrance point. The forest office is located in Mullodi village. This is where you get permission and start your journey.

You can drive to Kalasa or take public transportation to the Kudremukh Entrance Point.


Kudremukh trek is an amazing trekking journey that takes you through mesmerizing forests, valleys, and hills. The misty environment will refresh your mind and the green surrounding makes the journey more beautiful. As the trial is a combination of flat, and steep trails the trekking journey becomes more exciting. The beautiful streams and waterfalls accompany you all along the journey. The Kudremukh trek will give your loads of sweet memories. This is a trekking journey that one must surely plan for.

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