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Know About Sports Injury & The Impact of Physical Therapy in Treating the Same

Have you ever thought about what is a sports injury? Who are the people associated with it? Although children have a tendency to incur sports injuries, there is no denying the fact that adults too have a tendency to experience a sports injuries.

When are you at risk of experiencing sports injury?

If you are not sure when sports injury can happen, there are instances when you can get them:

  • If you have not been into exercise for too long.
  • When you don’t give yourself enough time to warm up before exercise.
  • When you indulge in contact sports.

What are the different types of sports injuries which people deal with?

Sports injuries occur at different levels. Irrespective of the injury, you can always get the problem resolved with physical therapy Davie. These sports injuries may be different but they all demand physical therapy. Let us all take a look at the different injuries:


Sprains occur when there is overstretching of ligaments or when the ligaments get torn. Ligaments are essential tissues that are responsible for joining the bones with the joints.


Strains result from overstretching of muscles and tendons. The tendons are known as thick fibrous cords of tissues connecting the bones with muscles. A lot of times, strains are misunderstood as sprains.

Knee injuries

An injury that inhibits the movement of the knee or knee joint is regarded as a knee injury. It mostly ranges between an overstretch and tear.

Achilles’ tendon rupture

The achilles tendon is considered one of the thinnest and yet strongest among tendons located at the back of the ankle. While indulging in sports, the same may rupture and cause immense pain. The pain is so high that you may face a problem stepping your foot onto the ground.


Bone fracture is nothing but breaking of the bone. It is commonly experienced during sports.


Sports injuries frequently dislocate the bone as a result of which the bone is compelled to come out of the socket which is a painful instance. It is often considered a painful instance and can also lead to weakness.

Rotator cuff injury

Another common sports injury is the rotator cuff injury. There are basically four primary muscles that form the rotator cuff. However, a tear can weaken these muscles.

During sports injury, sportspersons can incur swelling. Swelling happens as an instant reaction to an injury. Swollen muscles seem to be too painful.

Although some of these problems can be treated with over-the-counter pills and ice compression, experts recommend that you seek sports injury physical therapy Davie. It is one of the best medical ways to treat sports injuries. The treatments are performed by trained professionals who will evaluate the injury and the kind of pain which you may be experiencing before they can seek proper measures to help you find relief. Physical therapy can also be given if the injury gets severe. However, the patient has to be prompt when it comes to seeking the service.

If you ever face a sports injury, remember to seek physical therapy to reverse the effects of the injury.

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