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Vascular Diseases Cause Erectile Dysfunction:

Vascular diseases are those diseases that are connected to blood vessels!. Erection is a process in which blood vessels play an important part!. The Erectile Dysfunction problem is a men’s sexual problem.

Two chambers of the penis (corpora Cavernosa) are filled with spongy tissues!. The Erectile Dysfunction problem is a men’s sexual problem!.

The tunica albuginea, a membrane that surrounds the corpora cavernosa, is called the tunica albuginea!. Smooth muscles, fibrous tissue, spaces, veins, and arteries are all found in the spongy tissue!.

The tunica albuginea traps blood in the chambers and sustains an erection!.


A number of conditions, including Diabetes mellitus and high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, can cause severe damage to the arteries!. Another cause of arterial damage is smoking!. Hims For Men is used for men!.

Diabetes MellitusDiabetes Mellitus can cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels that can damage nerves and arteries throughout the body!. This causes erectile dysfunction by reducing blood flow and nerve impulses!.

According to ayurvedic texts, “ashtanga sangraha”, diabetes can be caused by vitiation Vata!. Pitta, Kapha, and rakta are the three main causes of diabetes!. Diabetes can be caused by vitiated doshas!.

They affect nearly all body tissues!. Ayurveda states that erection is caused by Vata pitta, rakta, and rakta!. Normal erection occurs when Vata pitta, rakta, and rakta have normal and balanced conditions!. Arousal is not possible if Vata, pitta, or rakta fail to produce normal signals!. Vitiated pitta, rakta do not complete blood flow to the penis!.


High blood pressure: It’s a well-known fact that high blood pressure can cause small arterioles to burst!. This may also be occurring in the penis, according to researchers!.

This causes scar tissue to form around blood vessels, reducing penile artery elasticity!. This reduces blood flow to the spongy penis tissues!.

This is in addition to the fact that high blood pressure can affect hormone balance and nitric acids levels!. Erectile dysfunction may result from this!. Many people believe that the side effects of antihypertensive medication can cause erectile dysfunction!. Online pharmacy ezzz Viagra is a treatment of ED in men!.

Ayurveda principles state that hypertension is caused by imbalances of Vata or pitta!. Vata becomes imbalanced and causes 5 subtypes to become unbalanced!.

Erectile Dysfunction cause:

Erectile function occurs when Apana Vayu is stimulated by various factors such as sparse (touch), pleasant scent, erotic talks, and agenda!.

To cause an erection, it is often associated with Tejas or the heat of pitta!. When apanavayu or pitta becomes vitiated, hypertension can cause erectile dysfunction!.

High Cholesterol Cholesterol! a fatty substance in the body! Cholesterol can be produced from the liver or derived from the diet!.

Cholesterol produced by the liver is important because it strengthens the cell membrane and helps in the production of hormones and vitamin D. It also comes from diet!.

As hard plaques! cholesterol builds upon the walls of the arteries!. This causes narrowing of the lumen!. The diameter of the arteries decreases!. The blood flow through the arteries is also reduced due to the reduced diameter!.

This same process happens in the arteries of the penis!. Erectile dysfunction can be nearly twice as common in men who have high total cholesterol than 180. Erectile dysfunction in men may be an early sign of high cholesterol!.

Smoking- Smoking can cause blockage of the arteries and can lead to erectile dysfunction!. Smoking can affect semen! reduce sperm count! and impair sperm motility!.

Erectile Dysfunction: Inside Story:

Erectile dysfunction is similar to other organic diseases but can be treated at any age!. After overcoming erectile dysfunction, one can enjoy sexual pleasure again!.

Erectile dysfunction and hypertension are two of the many diseases that can affect the body as we age!.

The problem can be as simple as a cute-looking guy!. This can not only impact sexual life! but it can also cause problems between partners!.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

The penis is home to a chamber known as corpora cavernosal!.soft tissues!. The urethra is the channel that works for both erections as well as urine!. Between corpora cavernosal and the urethra! there is a common thread!.

The sensationalized blood pressure in the corpora cavernosal increases the penis size! causing erection through an expanded channel of the urethra!.

Causes of erectile dysfunction:

There are many ways to define the cause!. These are some possible causes!.

Drug Effect:

There are many drugs! Unnatural erection can be caused by antidepressants! blood pressure medications! appetite suppressants! tranquilizers! and blood pressure drugs!. Kamagra order online ezzz pharmacy is used for ED!. Erectile dysfunction is primarily a neurological disorder!.

Many of the drugs mentioned above may cause side effects that can affect the nervous system and make it difficult to erect!.

high blood pressure! thyroid problems! it leaves behind secondary diseases!.

Insufficient self-belief:

Fovea of abnormal or erratic erection is a major reason for it!. depression! and lack of knowledge about sexuality!.

which reduces oxygen levels in blood vessels!. The main hormone controlling the entire situation is testosterone!. abnormalities are certain to occur!.


You must first increase the blood flow to your penis!. You may find that some physical exercises can help!. Aerobic exercise increases the oxygen level in blood vessels! which in turn reduces abnormal penises activity!. You can lose a few pounds if you’re already overweight!.

You are more likely to get a variety of diseases!  Sometimes! you might feel that a drug is the cause of the problem!.

If this happens! ask your doctor for a change in the medication!. To overcome an abnormality like this! you must have self-belief!. You will quickly overcome any problem if you are confident and don’t fear it!. For more information! you can visit Hims ED Pills!.

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