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List of Isaac 10 tips for making The Lost playthrough easier 

List of Isaac 10 tips for making The Lost playthrough easier 

It’s still really f*cking hard, though (Dtoid community blogger Corduroy Turtle offers some strategies for achieving 100 completion in The List of Isaac Rebirth. What a joe! – Mr Andy Dixon)  The conception of difficulty is likely different for Isaac challenges everyone. Tête-à-tête, I want to feel a real sense of accomplishment when I beat a game. I thirst for near-insolvable challenges and I clearly do n’t appreciate having my hand held

. I want to feel like I ’ve really earned it; like I ’ve suffered.

I ’ve beaten the original NES Ninja Gaiden without dying. I ’ve battled my way through Hell in Spelunky and defeated King Yama multiple times. I made Super Meat Boy my whine. Though I know skill is a factor, I suppose the fact that I ’m just really goddamn stubborn helps a lot too. Once I set my sights on commodity, I can negotiate just about anything. Ultimately.  The rearmost challenge I set for myself sounded simple enough unlock all of the particulars in The List of Isaac Rebirth. For those who are strange with the game, the particulars Isaac comes through are named aimlessly from a pool of “ uncorked” particulars. Some are uncorked by beating the game a certain number of times or completing specific challenges.

Others bear the late- game heads to be beaten with each individual character.

This is commodity I did in the original The List of Isaac and I was looking forward to doing it again. Sure, it was bound to be delicate, but I absolutely had to see everything this big, beautiful game had to offer. No defenses.  What I did n’t know at the time was there was asuper-secret playable character hidden in Rebirth that needed a series of obscure deaths in a specific order to unleash. Luckily, you can use Seeds for the first three way, which is beyond helpful. This is commodity that was buried deep within the game;

commodity that creator Ed McMillen hoped would take months, if not times, of making together suggestions to discover. Unfortunately for him, a many smart gamers gazed into the law of the game and figured it out in lower than a week. Welp, that’s the world we live in. This character, known as‘The Lost’, is a ghost. He can fly right off the club and his stats are all enough normal except for one bitsy, little detail he has absolutely no health.

List of Isaac 10 tips for making The Lost playthrough easier 

This means that not only does he die in one megahit, but a bunch of the particulars in the game have no effect on him or will kill him if you try to use them. As you can imagine, the idea of beating the game multiple times with a character who can die from commodity as small as a cover wasn’t only daunting; it was intimidating. 

 Long story short, I did it. It was n’t easy, it was n’t delightful and to be fully honest

, I do n’t recommend it! But if you ’re like me and you just have to do it, I guess I’ve some tips for you. These by no means will guarantee your success but hopefully they ’ll exfoliate a little light on the long, saddening road that lies ahead of you.  1) Do everything differently first 

There’s a ton of stuff to do in Rebirth, and nearly none of it requires playing as The Lost, so concentrate on all of that first. Seriously.


Enjoy the game. Beat the Cathedral and Sheol paths with every other character on Hard. Complete all of the challenges. Completely upgrade the shop by planking 999 coins into the donation machine. Unleash every possible thing you can before doing this. Not only will it allow you to get comfortable with the game, but you ’re going to want every possible item in the blend if/ when you decide to attack this agony. 

  2) The Lost does have some advantages 

 Stay, The Lost is n’t a total piece of shit? Well, sort of. As I mentioned before, he can fly, which is a huge help. This allows you to snare any particulars you can see on- screen without fussing about harpoons, recesses or jewels that would typically block your path. You ’re going to want every lemon, crucial and casket you can get your hands on so this is huge.

You also won’t have to worry about the dangerous goods of “ creep,”

which is the bane trail that some adversaries leave in their path. This also means that you can “ hide” from certain adversaries and attacks by swimming over jewels. This tactic is absolutely necessary for survival but just keep in mind that there are adversaries that can also fly, and there are plenitude of attacks that are innocent by jewels, so you ’re by no means invinsible. 

 A kindly affable side effect of having no health is it grants The Lost free entrance to all Challenge


Apartments. Though they can be a huge threat, Challenge Apartments can have free particulars inside which are always nice. Plus, if you ’re carring a card or lozenge that allows you to teleport, you can snare the free stuff and immediate get the fuck out of there without having to survive the impending battle. 

List of Isaac 10 tips for making The Lost playthrough easier 

Still, the biggest advantage The Lost has over the other characters is that he gets free Deals with the Devil. Devil Apartments will occasionally open up after master fights and generally you have to immolate precious health to gain the particulars outside.

But since The Lost literally has no health, everything is free!

There are some really great Devil-exclusive particulars so snare what you can. Damage ups are a definite. Particulars that beget fear are also nice. Just be careful and remember that not all Devil particulars are helpful. The Razor Blade actually hurts you when actuated,

which will obviously kill you before you can enjoy the increased damage. The Dark Bum, who’s typically a welcome addition to any run since he can generate soul hearts, offers no help to The Lost. In fact, since there’s a chance he could generate a adversary spider rather, he’s actually a huge liability. Trust me. 

 3) Play on Hard at all times 


 Then’s the thing utmost of The Lost’s particulars can be uncorked by beating the colorful end- game heads on Normal. BUT, if you truly want to unleash every item in the game, you need to realize that one of those particulars is called Godhead and it requires that you beat all end- game heads with all playable characters … on Hard. Since you surely wo n’t want to play as The Lost any further than you have to ( trust me), you might as well knock out Hard mode right from the launch. It’s not as bad as you suppose. Playing as The Lost is formerly hard as fuck so you presumably wo n’t notice anyway. 

 4) Be cautious of champion adversaries 

 Since you’ll presumably be playing on Hard,

champion adversaries will be more common. More frequently than not, these guys will have further health, as well as added quip that can really be a pain in certain situations. Dark teal adversaries will explode

List of Isaac 10 tips for making The Lost playthrough easier 

upon death, but light blue bones release an 8- way tear shot when killed. These two interpretation have killed me innumerous times so it’s good to keep your eye out for them so you can act consequently. 

 5) Abuse the donation machine 

 Still, you can thank me now, If you followed my earlier tip of giving 999 coins to the Donation Machine. Not only do completely upgraded shops offer further particulars to choose from, but certain extremely helpful particulars will only generate in completely upgraded shops.

Also, you can use the Donation Machine as an ATM when you ’re low on cash,

as long as you have the losers necesssary to make a withdrawl.

 I used this tactic so frequently that my savings went from 999 coins down to a piddly 22 cents by the time I eventually completed my Lost playthroughs. Not going to lie, I was spooked. Anyway, then are a many shop-exclusive particulars that can help you out big time 

Black Candle – A unresistant item that prevents/ removes curses for the rest of that run.

Some curses cast darkness over entire situations, hide the chart, or indeed disguise particulars as question marks until you pick them up. Since these be aimlessly and are always a pain in the butt, the occasion to avoid them fully is lovely. 

 The Candle, Red Candle – These are space bar particulars that can do massive damage if your end is true. They also recharge every many seconds which means you can use them multiple times per room. They absolutely bite through heads. 

member of red cases you come through, therefore greatly perfecting your chances of seeing other Guppy- related particulars.


The Left Hand trinket does sort of the same thing. Red cases can be parlous, since they can also have comb losers or spiders outside but that’s just a threat you have to take. Be prepare for anything to jump out! 

 Guppy’s Hairball – Negotiable the least seductive of all the Guppy particulars. This lump of wet hair gets slung around your body and can damage adversaries, growing in size with each kill. It’s further of a distraction than anything, in my opinion but it’s not completely useless. It can also sort of block shells occasionally. 

Guppy’s Paw – Nope, I was wrong. This bone is nearly completely empty.

For a character with health, Guppy’s Paw can turn one red heart into three soul hearts. Enough cool. For the Lost, it just gets him one step closer to the Guppy metamorphosis which I guess is just fine. Remember, just like Guppy’s Head, you do n’t have to carry this around ever. Just pick it up and put it right back down if you want to. 

 7) These can make your life a lot easier 

  Not all particulars in Rebirth are created equal. In fact, some are stupid good, especially when playing as The Lost. Besides the forenamed Dead Cat which grants you nine precious lives, they are many particulars that can really take a run from “ ok” to “ OMG this could be the one.” 

 Brimstone – This item turns your gashes into a full-screen ray that can clear entire apartments lower than a alternate. Sure, it needs to be charged completely before it can be shot, but you can negate that a bit by charging it before you enter a room. Plus, it passes through all obstructions which means you can just point and shoot without fussing if effects like jewels are in your way. Combine this with Ladle Bender (homing gashes) and, holy lord, you don’t indeed know. 


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