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Is Age A Factor For Getting Invisalign Braces?

People live by believing the myth that you can’t straight teeth after a particular age. But it is not true! Often people don’t undergo the treatment as it is quite expensive. All it can happen that the treatment period may consume much more time with aging than to get started at an early age.

Additionally, dental condition varies from patient to patient which is why you need to visit an orthodontist to check if Invisalign braces can work for you. In contrast to teens, adults are more likely to be the right option for undergoing this aesthetic teeth-straightening solution.

Motivation must be consistent

Have you ever felt conscious while smiling or speaking in public? It is just because of your poor oral health that affects the self-esteem level as well. But adults are more responsible and understand the significant value of Invisalign. So, they strictly maintain the time to put on the aligner for long 22 hours every day till the treatment comes to an end.

Never consider oral health and care for granted

Most people consider oral health casually! Only a small percentage of adults are well-versed with the significance of oral health in reality. They are known to the facts that untreated crowded teeth can lead to cavities while gum diseases result in tooth loss!

In comparison to that, teens don’t have that much experience to value the consequences of improper dental structure in the long run. So, they are not willing to put on the aligners despite anything! Surprisingly, plaque can hide within the crooked teeth making the bristles inaccessible to them. Gradually, they trigger numerous dental problems you could ever imagine off!

After a certain point in time, plaque gets hardened into tartar making it impossible to remove at home. At that time, you have no option left except to visit a dental hygienist for the complete removal of plaque professionally. Afterward, you can undergo Invisalign treatment to achieve the beautiful smile you always dreamt of.

Listen to your dentists

Invisalign should be worn for long 22 hours so that it aligns the teeth as propositioned. Otherwise, the treatment will not be effective as it is supposed to be! That doesn’t mean you are not allowed to remove the aligner but at a specific time of flossing, brushing and drinking, and eating. Try to put it into your mouth as long as you can to achieve rapid results.

Else, the teeth will get misaligned again and you need to start from the very beginning of Invisalign treatment. Adults are more likely to follow the instructions as they opt for the treatment quite seriously. Hence, they are familiar that the effectiveness of Invisalign depends on its patients’ compatibility and consistency.

Follow good oral care routine

Brushing must be followed by eating and drinking to prevent the teeth and aligner from stain. However, teens feel lazy when it comes to brushing right after having anything and often they skip it and rush for other activities.

On the other hand, adults might have a more hectic lifestyle yet they spare time for oral care as well. So, they can obtain many effective results easily with Invisalign without developing any other oral issues.

It’s never been late to obtain your dream smile

In general, no particular age gap is there to get Invisalign. Irrespective of your age you are always eligible for this aligner if the condition needs to! But if you genuinely want to enhance the smile along with overall dental health then clear aligners are your best go-to option. Consult an orthodontist for Invisalign in London or visit us today!

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