Information About Several Types of Tractors and Their Functions

Tractors and Their Functions

We all know, after our ancestors, we are not used to farming with ox and bulls. And for fulfilling our needs in farming, advanced technology takes place like tractors, and farming implements are introduced. And it helps farmers to become more intelligent about the agricultural task because tractor farmers can do all tasks on their own like, from planting to harvesting. Also, there are many types of tractors are available in India for farming operations. 

This blog is dedicated to the different kinds of tractors and their functions. So, check them out. 

What do you mean by tractor?

The tractor comes from the combination of two words, traction and motor. The tractor is a farming vehicle or can, say, a farming machine that gives high torque at a low speed in the fields. Moreover, It is specially designed for farmers. Tractor has many benefits like they can be used with the trailer to transport crop cuttings and more. Farmers are indulged in many farm tasks. And for fulfilling their needs, farmers required advanced tractors and implements. Along with this, farmers’ demands are increasing day by day for excellent tractors and equipment. Market involves many kinds of tractors but what are they? Check out below. 

In the below, you got to learn about types of tractors and many things about tractors.

Types of Tractors 

We listed the below types of a tractor, which help you to choose according to your farm’s needs. 

1. Utility Tractors

Utility tractors are those tractors that lie between the 45 HP to 140 HP range. These tractors are best for attaching implements and help in completing farming tasks. In addition, with the help of these multifunctional tractors, farmers don’t need to buy any other additional machines for lifting tools in the field. Also, the tractor is helpful in farming for pulling heavy implements and comes with low to medium type engines. These utility tractors are economical and easy to operate on farms. Marginal farmers are satisfied with the performance of utility tractors. These kinds of tractors are the perfect choice for Tillage equipment to perform various farming tasks. Also, Tillage equipment price is economical as it is available in a suitable range. 

2. Compact Tractors

The next one is compact tractors, mainly these kinds of tractors used for commercial purposes like yards of fruits etc. The farmers are satisfied with compact tractors’ work because farmers can sit comfortably and can pluck the fruit and also can trim the tree. Because of their smaller size, these tractors can fit easily on the farms and consumes minimum fuel which is a good sign of tractors. Also, they are suitable for farmers’ pockets so that they can buy compact tractors easily.  

3. Garden Tractors

Garden tractors are specially made for gardening purposes. They come with the 1 HP to 20 HP range of engine power. The primary purpose of these tractors is for grass cutting and planting flower beds on the lawns. They are small in size, and their tyres are also thicker but look like a scooter tyre. Also, the garden tractor tyre price is affordable and reasonable for farmers. Because of the massive demand for garden tractors, more than 100 gardening tractors are constructed, and gardeners enjoy the functioning of these tractors. 

4. Industrial Tractors

As the name suggests, industrial tractors are primarily used in industry rather than in farming. In the past, these tractors were called tugs. These tractors mostly pulled heavy loads and were equipped with cranes to lift heavy loads with ease. These tractors are different from agricultural tractors. They do not have a three-point hitch like an agriculture tractor. Instead, these tractors have drawbars and come with the engine power of HP in other models.

5. Autonomous Tractors

Autonomous tractors, also called driverless or electric tractors, are controlled or operated by manufactured intelligence. These tractors could evolve the wave of the future for farming or industry. Autonomous tractors avoid the demand for human tractor operators. Rather, a single operator controls an endless number of tractors from a single location. Some industry experts offer a more realistic estimate of about a dozen. They use a combination of computers, GPS, drone technology and satellite. This development enthused the farming community for many years, and this enthusiasm will not fade soon.

6. Row Crop Tractors

A row crop tractor is used in the field where farmers plant crops in a row. These tractors perform the various agricultural tasks you need to complete, including weed control, levelling, ploughing, harrowing and seed drilling. These contain user-friendly, ample row spacing, comfortable driving, greater ground clearance, ease of steering, easy to attach and detach attachments, etc. Also, these tractors are very suitable for Seeding & Plantation equipment to perform tasks. And, Seeding & Plantation equipment price is also valuable for farmers. 

7. Implement carrier Tractors

Mainly implement carrier tractors used to transport and attach various equipment. So the chassis frame was extended between the front and rear tyres. Mounted equipment includes sprayers, drills, loaders, rotary sweepers, seed drills, etc. You can use CEAT Tractor Tyre and other high-quality tyres for this kind of machine. As CEAT Tractor Tyre Price is economical for you, it protects you from extra expenses.

8. Military Tractors 

The military uses military tractors for construction and demolition, temporary road construction and other high-risk projects in high-risk areas. They are known as artillery tractors, primarily used in the 1970s to haul guns and heavy military tools. In addition, they were built for travelling different and challenging types of terrain. The design of military tractors is similar to that of civilian industrial tractors. They were completed with reinforced tractor frames and undercarriages to withstand landmines and other explosive devices. These tractors are occasionally designed with amphibious or semi-amphibian capabilities. They travel on tracks, wheels and semi-tracks.

9. Earth Moving Tractors

Earth Moving Tractors are used in construction, quarries, and dam works. These tractors are strongly heavy and powerful, with tyre and track types. Earth-moving tractors are a lifesaver in various places. These tractors are used to move and transport things like dust, soil, wood, rocks, debris etc. There are three types of earth-moving tractors, and they include the following.


These machines, known as crawlers, have large plates on the front. These plates push rocks and dirt and can be used to clean properties located all-terrain. They have full tracks to keep their balance while operating.


These machines are mainly used for digging and demolishing, and they can lift heavy equipment and shovel dirt. Also, these have a long bucket attached to the cab that spins, and their seats lift. So that drivers can get everything they want to see.

Backhoe Loaders

They were used for various construction tasks, from digging holes to breaking asphalt. These machines have buckets at the back for digging and shovels in the front, which can be adjusted according to your needs.

10. Two-wheel Tractors

Two-wheel tractors are lightweight and small tractors used for ploughing, sowing, and pulling small equipment such as harvesters, seeding equipment, and trailers. They are called walking, single-axle, or walk-behind tractors. They are used in small farms and gardens. Small gasoline engines typically power these tractors, and operators lag when using them. Moreover, the farmers use two-wheel tractors for their farming purposes on the planned land. Also, the price of these tractors is fair in the market.

For further details about these topics. Stay with us for more related blogs.

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