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Improve Traditional Drawing Techniques In Educational Institutions

Unconventional drawing techniques

Unconventional drawing techniques allow you to use well-known objects in your work as artistic materials, opening up great opportunities for expressing your fantasies and desires. That is why this type of drawing techniques is of great interest to beginners and professional artists.

Sand graphics

It is carrying out with the help of bulk material, which is located on the glass, illuminated from below. Different thickness of the sand layer creates shadows of different shades on the glass surface. The smaller the layer of sand, the lighter the colour.

Sand graphics develop imaginative thinking well, allows you to create incredible pictures to embody the most fantastic ideas into reality. For painting, special quartz sand used, in which almost all grains of sand are the same size. Thanks to the homogeneity of the material, it is possible to create smooth colour transitions, graceful strokes and draw the most delicate details.


A fascinating type of graphics, in which a 3d drawing technique is creating by scratching a paper surface covered with ink or gouache. Images made in this technique are distinguished by the contrast of white and multi-coloured lines of a drawing created on a black or coloured background.


Today it is one of the most popular types of drawing techniques. The sketching technique is based on the fact that the picture is performed fast, which allows the artist to depict various objects and ideas in the shortest period. The principle of scratching is the transmission of the very first impressions in a short period. To create artistic masterpieces in this technique, materials are used:

  • Alcohol-based markers;
  • Colour pencils;
  • Liners;
  • Watercolour paints.

Candlestick graphics

An acceptable art kind, an ordinary wax candle used as an artistic material for creating a 3d drawing techniques. Then, with the help of candlestick graphics, unusual, unique patterns created, imaginative thinking develops, it becomes possible to embody the wildest fantasies into reality.

What to prepare for drawing?

If you completely understand the art techniques and understand how to learn how to draw with a pencil, paints, and other materials yourself, it’s time to prepare everything you need to create a real masterpiece.

Choose suitable quality materials for painting:

Paper. It is better to learn to draw on separate sheets of A3 and A4 format. To store all your drawings, put them in a particular folder.

Brushes. To paint with paints, you need to purchase quality brushes of various sizes. For gouache, stiff bristle brushes are more suitable for painting with watercolours – soft squirrel brushes.

Paints. First, decide what kind of paints you want to work with: watercolour, gouache, oil paints, etc. Then, get high-quality material that is easy to apply, has the right texture, bright colour.

The pencils. Buy quality pencils that evenly lay on the paper base, create an even coloured layer, do not roll when applied, and tear the paper.

Warm-up before drawing

You will need a blank sheet of paper and a pencil to warm up. First, experiment with scribbles, lines, curls. Then, when drawing techniques each element, periodically change the pressure, try to hold a pencil in your hand in different ways.

It’s helpful to experiment with lines. To do this, first, familiarize yourself with the varieties of lines and strokes. Then, when drawing techniques, use both the sharp and blunt ends of the pencil. Finally, carefully knead your hands and fingers before proceeding directly to drawing techniques.

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