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Important Points To Keep In Mind While Installing Power Transformers

This post will see how line crews install power transformers, probably one of the most common jobs that a line crew performs. Transformers are pretty large and get very heavy while it is pulled up.

As per power transformers manufacturers, India transformers might range anywhere from about 200 pounds up to several thousand pounds, so lifting these on the pole takes a good bit of planning, proper rigging, and precautions when they put these up.

They work on the energized lines. Initially, they de-energize the line so that it won’t be hot and they don’t have to worry about high voltage. One of the worker lines is hot, and lifting the transformers requires many rigging ropes, and the crew line either does that or lifts them with trucks.

Lifting them with four-way blocks to get, they pull the Transformers up. Sometimes they’ll pull them up by hand, a lot of times in a complex way. The transformer connections are essential. They can do this because they can’t get trucks to the job site to be done in an old-fashioned way.

Power transformers manufacturers India ensures that transformers are correctly connected and grounded, or it can cause a lot of damage to parts on the grounding and the Transformers. They must be Properly connected and grounded, or they can cause a lot of damage to the customer’s property, burn up appliances, and this part is the good part of the process for learning proper installation and connections.


Tools and Materials

Extended stick: An extended stick is an extended long stick, and it’s a fiberglass insulated stick used for switching, opening, and closing fuses on the high voltage in its other insulated stick.

Shotgun: This is like a stick, a type of hot stick called a shotgun. This stick is use to make the actual connection or hotline at the top, and the hotline is used to connect the clamp. It has a ring on the end, which is use to clamp into the connector.

Rubber gloves and insulated gloves: Wearing rubber gloves and insulated gloves help protect the crewmen from the high voltage.

Gas drill: The crewmen hang a transformer up to stall bolts, and they use a drill which is a gas drill use for drilling the holes.

Wire grip: A wire grip that goes on the conductor. It holds in place when it is pull up, and the wire is attached to the pole.

Rope sling: Some transformers are pretty heavy when rigging the transformers. The crewmen use a rope sling. This rope sling is an adjustable load-rate sling that is the rate for a little over 1200 pounds. The rope sling adjusts to get connected. The rope is a tie with the transformer to lift it—the low-rate slings at the port, especially on more giant transformers.

Handline: It sends small tools, materials up and down the pole.

Pop tool: It has a Lodi gun and dyes in it for connectors where the crew put the connectors on the transformer to the wires to the transformer.

Transformer gen: Transformer gen is also call Jenny wrap around the pole or hanging in a transformer that has a lifting eye to hang a block in that is where the lone crew use them above the transformer and lift it to the pole.

Four weight blocks: This block is use to put in the pole Jen and pull the transformer out. Four weight blocks give a lot of leverage to help to lift the transformer a lot easier.

Climbing gear hooks: The crew uses Hooks and belts to put that on the pole.

Proper Rigging 

Jenny, the transformer, attaches itself to the pole. Then line crew put it on the pole and put it well above where the transformer itself is going, and they are also going to put a chain around the pole hook. The crew then put a safety pin in the chain.

Simple installation of power transformers and to remember the following things while installing

Initially, all nameplate data is review to ensure compatibility. Paying particular attention to ventilation clearances, the transformer is then move into place; the electricians check the distance from the wall on both sides to ensure that minimum clearances are meet next the transformer is anchor to the floor.

Then the electricians remove the old anchors entirely before installing the replacement. If the bolt holes in the transformer base are accessible from above, like with this power transformer, you can drill and sink anchors in place; the front panel from the power transformers is then remove.

If you’re adjusting the voltage taps, consult the diagram on the nameplate. The varnish is remove from the top and bottom of the tap terminal with a razor, knife, or wire brush before changing the tap leads for a solid electrical connection.

The tap lead is move to the appropriate setting on each coil; the internal isolation pads can be loose slightly to help dampen vibration. And keep the noise using either the factory-provided knockouts or put in manually using conduit holes.

Then punched into the sides of the case using either the factory-provided knockouts. Or manually using the hole punch cables are then fed into the transformer case. The flex conduit is attach to the sides.

All wires are connect via mechanical lugs with NOAA locks apply where the connection is make. In this transformer, the neutral is bond within the transformer case. So a ground lug is add and connect to the neutral. The paint on the bottom of the case is remove before the lug is add for a solid connection.

A hole is make in the bottom vent to make room for the grounding electrode wires connect to the neutral bus. All other equipment is land. The primary wires are connect to the primary lugs, and the secondary wires are connect to the secondary lugs.

The front panel is then reinstalled, the lockout is removed from the breaker, and the transformer is re-energized.


Thus, installing a transformer is not an easy task. You should be careful while installing it. So, follow the above point while installing the power transformer and run your transformer without any issues.



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