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Important Insulation Mistakes Home Builders Should Avoid

While building a new home or renovating an old one, insulation is a major aspect to keep the energy costs down. Yes, you may have an air conditioner to keep the temperature at a comfortable level inside the home. Here we have described the common insulation mistakes home builders make.

But are you ready to face the excessive energy cost that is waiting to hit your budget every month?. Only relying on air conditioners can reduce the life of that appliance, too. That is why you need to insulate the home to keep heating and cooling costs under control. While planning to insulate it is essential to avoid common insulation mistakes.

Even though the first thought that comes to mind when hearing the word insulation is thermal insulation, there is much more than that. For instance, soundproofing or acoustic insulation is also important for noise reduction or absorbing unwanted noise. Soundproof insulation is mainly used in places like studios and halls, where noise can reduce productivity.

Acoustic insulation does not necessarily end with walls and the attic. Acoustic floor insulations are also a key factor in making a room completely soundproof. Your sleep will be disturbed no more, once the soundproof insulation slabs are installed.

Useful Tips to Avoid Common Insulation Mistakes

  • Choose the right insulation for your home: There are multiple choices when it comes to insulation. But you must go for the best insulation material that suits your needs. Always go for long-lasting solutions that have lesser maintenance required.
  • Install insulation properly- Cut the Batts or rolls to exact fit. So do not cramp the entire batt into a cavity. This will trap air between small pockets that may undermine the whole insulation mechanism.
  • If there are any narrow gaps that are created, seal them properly using spray foam. Spray foams are a type of insulation that is sprayed onto a surface and completely covers it and prevents any air from escaping. This can be also used near windows and ducts.
  • Careful about air ventilation systems- Even though insulation controls the airflow into and out of the home, you must not hinder the air ventilation like air vents and ducts.
  • Keep an eye out for wires and cables- Never directly insulate over electrical wires and cables. Some insulation batts can be split and can be fitted around wires and pipes. The important fact is to never stuff insulation behind these wires, which will invite fire hazards.
  • Exteriors are also important- Insulation is not only confined to the interiors of homes. In places with chances of terrible weather and even wildfires, there are special insulations that will offer protection and keep your home safe and sound(less).
  • Safety is the first priority- If you are the one installing insulation materials, take ample safety measures. When handling materials wear masks, gloves, and goggles all the time. Some of these substances are known to cause ailments ranging from skin damage to breathing illnesses.

There are various insulation materials available in the market. A few common varieties are listed below.

  • Fiberglass Insulation
  • Rockwool Insulation

Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass insulation is made up of extremely fine glass particles. This comes as batts, rolls, or loose-fill. This kind of insulation slows down the spread of heat, cold, and sound and is used in both commercial and home applications. It also limits the air coming into and going out of your homes.

Since fiberglass is basically glass bound by a liquid binder, it might not be good for your health. If these particles get into your respiratory system, it can cause coughs and other breathing troubles.

While handling fiberglass batts make sure to wear masks, goggles, and gloves to prevent the above complications.

Also, there is a high chance of dust and moisture collecting in these kinds of insulations. This reduces the life of the insulation and allows the formation of molds and rot.

Rockwool Insulation

That is where Rockwool insulation stands above other conventional insulation. Rockwool, also called mineral wool, is a totally recyclable material that has great insulating properties. It is composed of hydrophobic materials and a high degree of fire resistance. An additional bonus is it is best suited for soundproof insulation.

What makes Rockwool insulation superior compared to the rest is its fire resistance. Certain Rockwool insulation can even withstand temperatures greater than 1000 degrees Celsius.

Rockwool Flexi is a special type of Rockwool insulation which offers both acoustic and thermal insulation. It has a flexible edge that can be inserted into any surfaces and will prevent the displacement of insulation with time.

Rockwool RWA45 is a high-quality solution for heat and soundproof insulation. It is available in a wide variety of thicknesses and densities. Just like normal Rockwool insulation, it has superior fire resistance and heat resistance properties.

The thickest variant of RWA45 is the RWA 100mm, which has a thermal resistance of 0.035 W/mK. Another commonly used variant is the Rockwool RWA45 75mm, which has the same thermal resistance and has a density of 45 kg per cubic meter.

Compared to conventional alternatives, Rockwool RWA45 is both easy to install and cost-effective. Also, there is very little cost in maintenance as the chances of rot and other damages are minimal. You can get Rockwool RWA45 100mm and all other kinds of insulation on Wickes.


So the next time you are insulating a house, keep these things in mind before starting out to avoid insulation mistakes. If you need help, reach out to an expert who has experience in insulating structures.

Cinthia Rosa

As the marketing head at Galaxy Insulation & Dry Lining in the UK, Cinthia Rosa has a reputed name in the industry. She consistently contributes her valuable knowledge to the top blogging sites.

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