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Import PST to Thunderbird With or Without Outlook

Know How to Open PST file in Thunderbird

This content will provide you detailed knowledge on how to import PST to Thunderbird without Outlook. Read the full article to get your query solved.

All the users are aware of the fact, that Outlook is an email client provided by Microsoft. It is the most popular email application and widely used by most of the small as well as big organizations. There are various other features including group scheduler and contact manager and many more.

Apart from all the pros, there are many drawbacks that make the user jump from Outlook to Thunderbird. Being one of them, I also faced difficulty because of the little technical knowledge.

“Today, my boss has given me  a bulk of .pst files with important information attached. But there is a problem: I do not have Outlook installed in my system and unable to open those files because for many years I have been using Thunderbird. There is an urgent requirement of the information from that PST file. I need a quick solution to get my work done. Is there any solution that will help me to import PST file to thunderbird without Outlook! Thanks in advance”.

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free full-fledged or open-source and secure email application. It has a user-friendly interface. This application is available in Linux and is also easily installed and configured in Windows and Mac Operating Systems. This is the reason most people want to switch from Outlook to Thunderbird.

Approaches to Open PST file in Thunderbird  

For accessing the data from PST file, you  are provided with two different approaches enlisted below:

The first is the Automated approach. Those who do not have Outlook installed can use this for accessing their data. And those who have Outlook applications in their local system can go for a manual approach.

Expert Approach to Import PST to Thunderbird without Outlook 

As we know, that Thunderbird supports the MBOX File format. First, you need to convert PST to MBOX file format. To do so, you can use SYSDaddy PST Converter Tool.

This conversion utility will help you to convert your multiple Outlook data files to MBOX file format at once. It gives you instant conversion without any data loss and changes any information within your file. It is compatible with Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and all below versions.

Step to Import PST file to Thunderbird without Outlook 

Step 1. Download and run the software.

start the tool

Step 2. Select Add file and load all the .pst files.

click on add file

Step 3. The scanning process of the file started. After scanning you will see the preview.

see the preview

Step 4. Select MBOX format from the multiple saving options.

import pst to thunderbird without outlook

Step 5. Browse for location and hit the export button.

hit the export button

Done! Now you can easily access the exported file from the location you selected. Afterwards, Import that MBOX file into your Thunderbird account.

This is how you can import PST to Thunderbird application without Outlook.

Import MBOX file to Thunderbird:

Step 1. In Thunderbird, add ImportExportTools NG add ons.

Step 2. Create a new folder after right click and select ImportExportTools NG.

Step 3. Go to Import MBOX file option.

Step 4. Select the MBOX file you want to import and click Open.

Highlighted Features of Conversion Software are below:

  • Batch conversion of PST files: This application can add and transfer multiple PST files at one time without losing your important data
  • .Advance scan: PST files that are highly corrupted and damaged can be fixed and converted to the desired format by this tool.
  • Search PST files: You can search for a PST file in the drive. It provides support to browse PST files within the selected drive or all drives.
  • Recover and export deleted items: The tool has the ability to recover permanently deleted items and export in multiple formats.
  •  Exports contacts and calendar: If the user has calendar and contacts in PST files, it allows exporting calendar in .ics format and contacts in vCard file format.
  • Free demo version: The free trial version allows you to export 25 items per folder.

Manual Steps to Import PST to Thunderbird with Outlook

While performing this approach users need to configure a Gmail Account in Outlook and then export them to their Gmail account. After that, users can extract Outlook data via Google Takeout.

Step by Step process is given below:

Step 1. Open Gmail account and go the setting>> Forwarding and POP/IMAP

Step 2.Select  Enable IMAP and save the changes.

Step 3. Start Outlook and go to Navigate to file and then Add account option.

Step 4. Enter the credentials.

Step 5. After the configuration is complete, create a new folder.

Step 6. Copy and drag the emails to the new folder.

Step 7. Now, sign in to your Gmail account and open Google takeout. 

Step 8. From select data>>Mails.

Step 9. From the Customize archive format select the file type, Archive type and Delivery method.

Step 10. Hit the Create Archive button.

Step 11. Download the ZIP file and after extraction, you will have the MBOX file.

Now, the resultant file can be imported to Thunderbird, as the steps are discussed above.


No doubt, Thunderbird is the most popular and commonly used email application. Those who want to access MS Outlook to Thunderbird need to import PST to Thunderbird. In this blog, we have discussed the effective solution that helps those users who want to open PST file in Thunderbird with or without Outlook. Those who do not have technical knowledge must go for an automated method as it is a very easy and handy approach. 

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