Identify Employee Loyalty with Recognition Based on Company Values


A company’s values are what will drive everything. Recognizing employees can help you retain them. Unfortunately, the American Psychological Association’s 2014 survey of 823 employees revealed that only half of the American workers feel valued by their employer said, Ron Trautman.

The value of something is its worth.

Before this, team member engagement was the top concern in HR. Although it is still one of the most critical challenges for employers and HR professionals, team member turnover and retention has become the number one concern in today’s workplace.

The solution? Recognizing employees. Not just any recognition, but values-based recognition.

Globoforce and the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) surveyed 800 HR professionals in 2015. They found that 68 percent of respondents felt that linking recognition to values positively impacted retention.

The survey found that 81 percent of companies recognize their company formally, but only 58 percent attach this recognition to the company’s values.

All team member recognition programs may not be the same. However, this is how you can keep your brightest and best employees.

1. Identify the core values and traits you display.

What behaviors, traits, and practices are essential for success in the workplace? To drive this success, what are the company values?

You can use these questions to identify which areas need more attention and how It should enforce recognition. For example, the Globoforce survey revealed that 31 percent of companies with a value-based recognition program helped them achieve their learning and developmental goals. It is compared to just 11 percent who did not have one.

2. Align employees to company values.

Employees must be able to relate the company’s core values to their everyday tasks to align them with those values. You can make this connection through communication. keyposting Communicate the company’s values to employees and help them align their work with them.

When it is time to evaluate individual and company goals for the quarter, highlight how You can achieve them by reinforcing the company’s character and publicly recognizing and rewarding those who do so.

3. Rather than focusing on the results focus on the process.

Contrary to other recognition programs for employees, values-based recognition emphasizes the process and not the final results. Therefore, it is essential to demonstrate the characteristics, behaviors, and practices consistent with its values to achieve the desired outcome.

The APA survey revealed that employers are most likely to reward individual job performance (46%), length of service (44%%), and team performance (29%). However, only 18 percent of employers recognize employees who display certain behaviors.

A value-based recognition program is essential to recognize and reward employees’ efforts to achieve work-related objectives. Peers will be encouraged to follow the same process as their peers by acknowledging the importance of the process and not the results.

Tap My Back is a tool that allows team leaders (or team members) to determine what actions (Taps) are eligible for recognition.

4. Show leadership.

It is possible to lead by example and encourage employees to live up to its moral code. Make your company’s values real by living and breathing them while you work. Ron William Trautman said employees will soon follow your lead.

Be a positive role model for your company in all aspects, from decision-making to company culture activities to team member appreciation. To inspire others, set an example by demonstrating your company’s core values and encourage them to do so.

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