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How You Can Raise Funds for Your Startup Business in India

Startup businesses always come with new exciting ideas as well as high hopes. But the unfortunate thing, in this case, is that most of them do not have the required financial and operational support. That said, the businesses are always forced to consider raise funds for the start-up businesses. It’s worth noting that capital becomes the basic requirement whenever it comes to running a business venture. That said, raising funds becomes a tedious task in several ways. You can consider funding for the startup business. In this article, you will come to know about the kind of opportunities you can consider.


You can use the funds from personal savings as well as the borrowings from family and friends. Considering the funds from both of them can also give you easy access to buying resources. It is easily accessible with no bureaucratic hassles. Availability of the flexible interest overall can make sure about giving you the accessibility with no issues. But it is not visible when you are coming with a plan for large-scale business operations and expansion.

Angel investors

They are the individuals with the capital for sparing those willing to take this on pledging the business. They take the decision only when they consider the significant return. The benefit of raising the money for the business using Angel investors is that they are always on the Lookout offering the mentorship than considering the straight investors or the venture capital group. Learning about CGTMSE can give a competitive advantage to businesses.


This is a method where you can get the funds from the crowdfunding platforms by making a Pitch and then also getting the capital from the interested crowdfunder the opportunity to make sure about helping in the marketing and the financing the creation of the public interest. It can also make sure about retaining the control of the business. It can work for attracting future investment from venture capital. But the problem is that competition is high on this platform due to the nature of the public platform. The probability of getting rejected is more than getting accepted.

Funding from the business incubator as well as accelerator

Some early-stage businesses can consider the incubator or accelerator programs that can be working in the form of the funding options that are available in every city, and the programs also come with the nature of assisting plenty of the businesses every year. There are also differences between the two terms. That said, you can get the availability of the programs running for around four or eight months to make sure about giving you the opportunity of good connections with the mentors, investors, and some others. They also will be helping in building a community for the proper funding.

Bank loan and lending loans

The bank can give the availability of financing options for the businesses. You can consider the working capital loan while the other is funding the working capital loan. This is the one that will be available with one complete cycle of the revenue generation operations, and then there are also limits associated with a hypothecated stock. You can also consider taking the loan from private lenders like Zip loan, who will make sure about giving the loan for your business by going through the credit score.


Some think that it doesn’t turn out to be the feasible option for most companies, but still, you can consider raising money for the business by doing so. Sometimes you can go to the entrepreneurial showcases that can help in raising the money that you need from the other sources. You can also go ahead with the media reach out of the event that can give you the much-needed exposure and also the opportunity of winning the big cash for your business. Some businesses get access to the business loan and MSME loan to take the businesses to the next level.

Access to the government programs that can make sure about offering the startup capital

The Government of India has now come up with a Startup fund to improve the startup ecosystem in India. You can also get access to the Mudra card that works in the form of a credit card. It can ensure you get the opportunity to process the raw materials and maintain the other expenditures. Plenty of the states in India have come up with different programs when it comes to entrepreneurship development. If you comply with the eligibility criteria, you can get the funding options that convert the best.

Final words

You can choose from the methods mentioned above for raising the fund for your company. Consider the plan that you think will be easier for you to get access to the needed capital.

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