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How you can Defined SEO?

Growing the SEO, it becomes Search Engine Optimization, which puts high a search engine in the unpaid segment, also called organic listings. You can get my point by taking this line that it’s good to do that because that way search engine would make your content appear as the top result. Its magic meaning with SEO and the readers of my article, and everyone should consider doing it if you want the search engine to rank your content on top.

Now it feels exciting and curious for you to know that how it’s going to work?? Isn’t it?

I know that…


How SEO actually working:


Below are some kinds of SEO are there, let’s talk about them

_ Black Hat:

Its focus must be to optimize content for search engines only. Many ways can indeed make your designated content place high and make some money out of this. But I warn you that it would lead to spammy pages that will ban briskly. And as a penalty, a marketer’s chance to create anything sustainable in life forward would become a dream only.


_ White Hat:


The other side of the story is white hat edifying a well-balanced online business. Just give them well written good content according to their rules, and you’re going to seal the deal and oust good money out of it.


So, it’s always good to have your hands on this kind of SEO.


 _ Gray Hat:


In the middle of white and black hat SEO is Gray Hat SEO. It’s clear from the name. I think that it’s a bit black and some white. You may reap a healthy and decent advantage by doing this kind of SEO and have your desired results as well.


_On Page:


Some crucial categories that it includes are: _




Indeed, it is the main ingredient. If the content is written very well, it provides an excellent feel to its readers compared to lousy content. If you type any keyword looking to seek something, Google will try its best to deliver you the best content possible related to your search.

It would look to give you the quickest but best-written content.




Always write quality work. For that purpose, to can have your content anywhere in the search engines. You should be grouped by some senior associated with your field as a newbie. And in general, it’s wise to have some people around you that give you valuable suggestions and guide you.

Going further could include


_Keyword research

_Using keywords_ smartly use keywords. Avoid stuffing.

_Freshness of content

_Keyword selection


_Off Page:


It has for big things to have a look on_




Google will find if your site is legit or not by “TrustRank”. And if your site is trustworthy and not any foul, then chances are good results.




By two things, Google analyzes your authority, and these are:

_Domain authority the degree to which a domain name is widespread.

_Page authority_ the degree to which the page is authoritative.

Bounce rate_ Putting it simply, it is the number of times people see the only single page on site before going from your site.

Quality of links

Number of links

Anchor text_ What links other sites would use at the time of linking to you is Anchor Text, and of course, it matters.


“It’s great when link text looks not copy”.

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