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How to Wake Up Your Kids Creatively?

Children are usually deep sleepers and often sleep through their wake-up time. It’s a big deal for kids to wake up on time.  For some, no amount of kid’s alarm clocks can wake them up in the morning.

There have been studies regarding sleep problems in preschool children. It might sound trivial, but sleep problems can actually be a contributing factor to Developmental Delay.

It is also essential for parents to get enough sleep.

When your child is awake, you are awake. Thus, everyone is cranky.

We have thought of some creative ways to wake children up on time.

Talking about kid’s waking-up clock as a routine

Implementing language techniques in your daily life is essential for their behavioural growth.

Every night when you spend time with your kids before bed, explain the functions of a kid’s alarm clock and how to work it.

For instance, in some watches, there are light turning features. Allocate one colour as their ‘wake-up time’ and tell them to follow this routine.

Try using similar phrases every night, so your child develops a habit and remembers it.

kid's alarm clock

The concept of colour association

Children tend to associate objects with colours easily. This also builds their receptive functions and memory.

That is why many kid’s watches online have colour coded dials. Using the clock makes them understand that the colour green is associated with waking up.

You can also set colours for other things like homework or playtime.

This concept of the association will help them to maintain a habit and build discipline.

Building receptive language

Sometimes kids are delayed talkers. If that’s the case for your child, start by building his ability to follow directions. You don’t need to speak to be able to communicate.

It can be done by acting out as well.

Make it a fun sketch by acting out what you want your kid to do. Lie in bed, pretend to be asleep, and set the alarm clock beforehand.

There are kid’s branded watches that even make a wonderful sound in the morning. Try those and act out the whole scene like a play!

Seeing your actions, they will understand and follow directions.

kids' branded watches

Create curiosity and wait

Children are curious when they find anything remotely interesting.

Use this to communicate and set directions.

As your kid becomes familiar with phrases, strategically pause and wait. For instance, start with “Look at the clock…” and wait expectantly for your kid to either say the word clock or show it to you.

Communicating like this makes them aware of the objects that are important. It is then easier for them to understand and follow through.

Some other creative ways to wake up your kid in the morning:

Limiting their blue light exposure before bed

Not only kids but adults get negatively affected by the blue light exposure at night. Limit their use of smartphones, TV before bed. Encourage them to read or meditate before sleep.

kids branded watches

Playing an audiobook

This is a great way to raise their interest in the morning. Play an exciting book and let them listen to it while they get ready in the morning.

Use your family pet as an alarm

If you have a beloved dog or a cat, train them to wake your kid up. Just put the pet on the bed, and your job is done!

We hope that these tips will help you to get your kid ready in the morning on time. Just invest in a good quality kid’s alarm clock by giving & Take.


Hello, I am Andrew Collins, a Digital Content Writer, writing on behalf of Give And Take UK. It is a multi-brand online store for watches. Give And Take UK offers a wide array of affordable branded watches for men, women, and kids of various renowned brands like Sekonda, Seiko, Casio, Henley, Elizabeth Rose, and more.

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