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How to Use Social Media To Advertise YouTube Video

A new YouTube channel might get a lot of traffic from social media, but managing several platforms and participating in all the necessary activities can be difficult. Don’t feel like you have to be active on every social media site to advertise YouTube videos, I would add to that. In fact, if you try to be on too many, you can be squandering your time. The shotgun approach to social networking is one of the major blunders that bloggers and YouTube artists make. They question why they never receive any traffic from social media and publish links to their newest videos on six different channels.

Social media is about connecting with people, developing relationships with them to advertise YouTube video, and earning their trust so they will routinely care about what you have to say. By merely spamming pages and groups with your links, you actually risk damaging your reputation and end up with worse results than nothing. Social media has a painfully low rate of engagement—the number of clicks, comments, and likes per number of people who view a post. Facebook posts only have an average engagement rate of 0.17%. and that surpasses most other platforms in height. On average, only one out of every 600 people who see a post interacts with it by clicking, liking, or commenting. It’s as low as 0.05% on Twitter, and it’s also terrible on Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Selecting two or three social media sites where you can actually create a community is much preferable. The general concept will be the same, but we’ll go over some strategies and how to execute that for the four platforms below.

  • Engage others in dialogue.
  • Respond to inquiries and serve as a resource
  • Encourage people to visit your blog or YouTube videos
  • frequently repeat

When you develop a relationship with your social media subscribers, you may notice engagement rates for your posts of up to 2%. Although it might not seem like much, it implies that you only need 50 people to view your post in order for someone to interact with it, as opposed to needing 600.

How To A Advertise YouTube Video On Facebook

Facebook is the social media giant and practically required for anyone running an internet business. Your target market can be located on the social network, which has more than two billion users worldwide.

Because you could create a sizable community on any of the other sites, I say ALMOST mandatory. Over 250 million people use Snap Chat, despite its relatively small user base. The lesson here is to choose any platform you find enjoyable and on which you believe you can most successfully and efficiently reach your audience.

Facebook still fits within that ethos for many individuals. Since the majority of people have accounts, understanding how to use Facebook is easier than trying to understand another site.

Recognize also that Facebook detests sending users elsewhere. All social media sites aim to keep users on their networks, but Facebook undoubtedly secures its traffic with the strictest standards.

This has meant reducing the audience for posts with links to other websites over the past few years. Additionally, Facebook has been restricting the reach of pages and groups, making the site a pay-to-play model for anyone attempting to reach a user base.

Recently, posting the YouTube video link in the first comment of a post and drawing attention to it in the article have served as solutions to many of these issues. For a while, that worked to increase the number of people who saw the message, but it appears Facebook is now also reducing the visibility of posts with links in comments.

All of this simply means that you require a clearly defined approach and the adaptability to adjust it when Facebook evolves in order to promote your YouTube channel on Facebook.

A Simple Facebook YouTube Strategy

  • Day One: Post a link to your video and share it. You can do this on your page, in your personal feed, and in relevant places in groups that you participate in. Recognize that a link to your video that will play instantly on Facebook will automatically appear. In order to make your thumbnail clickable and direct viewers to YouTube, upload it as an image first and then add your link for Video Promotion.
  • Day Two: Post a 30- to 45-second excerpt of your video to Facebook along with a link to the complete YouTube file.
  • Day Three: Record a brief Facebook Live to discuss the video’s main topics; include a link to it in the first remark.
  • Day Four: On your Facebook page, post a question on the video’s subject and include a link to the video in the first remark.

If you consistently do this, you will give each video the most exposure possible and directly create a community on Facebook.

How To Advertise YouTube Video On Twitter

With “only” 355 million users, Twitter may not have the same reach as Facebook, but it’s still a good place to advertise your YouTube channel. Recognize that a tweet has a far shorter lifespan than a Facebook post, and use that knowledge to inform your plan.

For instance, Facebook subscribers may see your post days after you write it, and Pinterest pins can be seen for years. In contrast, it’s thought that within eight minutes of posting, a tweet is lost in a user’s feed.

To ensure that people have a chance to view your update, you must post consistently. It is impossible to ensure that every one of your subscribers will see every tweet, even if you post up to ten times every day.

  • Tweet three or more times on the first day of your video.
  • Plan to promote the video at least twice more over the coming week and every subsequent month.

You must switch it up with each tweet to prevent aggravating users with the same post. You can include list suggestions, intriguing facts or images, and quotes from the video. Anything to highlight the tweet in a distinctive way.

You’ll experience the same connecting issues on Twitter as we did on Facebook, so think about submitting your thumbnail image before the link in order to prevent people from viewing the video on Twitter.

A social networking service like Hootsuite is a need because of the requirement for continuous tweeting. You can link your social media accounts on the website and schedule posts for particular periods. With Hootsuite, you can interact with your subscribers even without leaving the platform and going to each individual social network.

With this free trial offer, use Hootsuite for free for 30 days.

How To Advertise YouTube Video On Instagram

With over 100 million users, Instagram is swiftly establishing itself as a social media behemoth. Given that Facebook owns it, you’ll probably see the same connecting and reach issues here. It’s all about creating a community of subscribers because Instagram doesn’t even let links in individual posts until you reach 10,000 subscribers.

Compared to Facebook, Instagram is a far more visual site. This means you must spend more time developing images that will attract clicks and subscribers, similar to Pinterest. In order to display without cropping and without the need for text, images should be square in format.

A call to action is crucial in every social media post you publish to make it clear what you want readers to do. Most of us don’t even consider clicking through to view a video or acquire more information since we are so accustomed to simply skimming through our social media feeds. Every social media post you make should end with a direct appeal for the reader to take some action.

Diversity of shares is crucial because Instagram’s entire purpose is to create communities. Establish a plan for sharing quotations, lists, amusing images, and other ideas in addition to promoting your most recent videos.

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