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How To Use Keywords For SEO

The ultimate goal of every website owner is to draw massive traffic to your website, and that can only be achieved when you have a good number of people clicking on your website or webpage to view the contents contained in it. Before your website will be able to attract such massive traffic, your website must be ranked on Google’s first page and it also must be able to maintain that position since Google constantly changes it’s an algorithm which means you may rank #1 today and be on the second page tomorrow. 

Are you thinking of a way to boost your website ranking on search results? Then what you need is a complete understanding of Search engine optimization (SEO) and specifically how to use keywords for SEO. Every search engine makes use of keywords as an important factor when filtering search results. Hence, it is extremely important that you know how to use keywords for your search engine optimization. If you fail to understand how to use keywords for SEO then you’re just losing business because your website visibility on search engines will be very low. After reading through today’s post, not only will you know and understand what Keyword is, but you’ll also know how to properly use keywords for SEO.

What are Keywords?

Keywords are the words that define exactly what your content is all about. In terms of SEO, keywords are the words or phrases people usually enter into search engines to find what they are looking for. In other words, SEO keywords are those words or phrases that are present in your web content that make it possible for people to find your website via search engines.

Therefore, as a website owner or content creator, the keywords in your webpage have to be relevant to what people are searching for if you wish for your site or webpage to rank high on search results. That’s why developing keywords are one of the first and most important steps to take when carrying out any search engine optimization initiative. If you’re finding it difficult to run search engine optimization by yourself, then it will be best to get some assistance from the best SEO agency in Australia. 

How to properly use SEO Keyword

Now that you know what SEO keywords are, it’s time to know how to properly use the SEO keywords. Improper use of SEO keywords can confuse search engines, and make your website rank low on search results, hence, adhere to the instructions below to properly use the SEO keywords.

  • Select a single focus keyword for each webpage, you wish to optimize. Do not use the same focus keyword on more than one page. Each webpage must have its unique focus keyword. Using the same focus keyword on several web pages will lead you to keyword cannibalization.
  • You can complement your focus keyword with several highly relevant secondary keywords distributed throughout the page you are optimizing. These secondary keywords must be closely related to your focus keyword. 
  •  Ensure that your focus keyword appears in each of the following locations: 
    1. Title tag
    2. Meta Description 
    3. URL
    4. H1 Heading
    5. Subheadings
    6. Paragraph copy
    7. Image file names
    8. Image alternative text
    9. Anchor text of internal links

What’s the benefit of SEO Keyword?

Keywords are the linchpin between what searchers are looking for and the contents you are delivering provided that need. The main objective of ranking high on search engines is to read organic traffic to your website from the search engine result pages (SERPs), and your chosen keywords will determine the type of traffic you get. If you don’t use your SEO keywords properly, you may end up attracting the wrong set of audiences, which is bad for business. Below is a list of benefits you can get when you properly use your SEO keyword:

  • Keywords send a powerful signal to search engines about the type of search results you want your page to rank in.
  • Keywords help users understand what your content is all about, and provide a great user experience beginning from the search results.
  • Keywords enable your webpage to rank for a variety of highly-relevant search terms.
  • Keywords words are essential in attracting high-quality organic traffic to your website which boosts sales and revenue for your business.

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