How to successfully launch and run an on demand services app in 2021?

Run on-demand services apps like Gojek help the customers order and schedule services instantly from a specific concern. Uber is said to be the most demanded app belonging in the category. Apps like Gojek run multiple services from various sectors and stops obtaining them all in one platform. These platforms also help in comparing one service to the other and strike the best deals. The reason for their success is their technological advancements that provide comfort. 

Things such as instant shipment and delivery, easy accessibility, and service demands through one tap on the phone made run on-demand services famous. 

What makes the on-demand services app likable?

  • Contentment and easy access

An instant satisfaction may be observed as the accessibility is more accessible and is only a touch away from the phone. The delivery of the services and products will be prompt and hassle-free, with minimal communication between the seller and buyer.

  • Variety of choices

The platform will offer a variety of choices and also allow comparison of features and prices between two or more products. Hence it gives the freedom of making vast choices and enables finding a better alternative to a product.

Checklist for creating an on-demand services app

Decide on the purpose

The idea of launching an on-demand services app is fascinating to think over. With the situation the world is in, this can work out if implemented correctly. The thing here is to identify what services or niche to take up. The idea should be creative and must be on constant demand recurrently. 

If you wish to launch an on-demand services app, ask yourself these questions and find the relevant answers:

  • What is the purpose of the app?
  • Features and services provided
  • The sector will belong in

Conduct a market research

Do a thorough search throughout the market regarding the current trends, preferences of people of different ages and genders, technologies to help achieve proper output. Brainstorm ideas. Think whether there exists a crisis in the current world that remains implicit but is essential to address. Ensure there is a market for the product or service that is decided to be initiated.

One may implement the following techniques for better research on the market:


SWOT- Strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats help analyze whether the idea to proceed with a particular business is worth it. The idea’s strength, weakness, opportunities, and threat is defined and summarised to make a final decision.

  • The persona of a buyer

It concentrates on turning a challenge into strength through proper planning. For example, the Gojek clone app focuses on providing 60+ services in one platform, making it easier for the customers to obtain different services under one head at a time. 

  • Close view on competitors

Having a close look at the competitors and their weaknesses can generate ideas. One can make their competitor’s weakness as their strength and pitch more customers. It can be done through surveys, reading online reviews and ratings, etc.

  • Sustainability and monetization

Finally, it is crucial to survive the tough competition in the market and develop a strategy to monetize the app. The strategy can be created or adopted from the competitors. Ultimately, it is wise to choose whichever works the most.

Minimal Variable Product

A minimal variable product enables the app to have the basic features and test the same to capture and correct technical errors and improve the features and add on more in the future slowly. MVP helps attain success without much investment—platforms like Producthunt help validate the product’s concept and feasibility in the market. 

Features of On-demand app

Every platform is divided into three: For customers, service providers, and admin. Decide on the features based on a test group of products, surveys, and feedback from customers for their use. 


  • Profile creation
  • Access through other social media channels
  • List of products 
  • Option to filter products
  • Payment gateway
  • Cancellations
  • Order history
  • FAQ’s
  • Delivery tracker
  • Customer care
  • Pop notifications

Service Providers or sellers

  • Receive, accept and reject orders
  • Edit details regarding services provided
  • Changing the availability of products
  • Revenue Tracker
  • Ratings and reviews


  • Service Tracker
  • Ledger of service provider containing the history of earnings and commission
  • User management
  • Real-time analytics and reporting

Things that contribute to the price of app development

The list of features 

The cost of an application entirely depends on the list of features chosen. Some business features can be more expensive than others. The cost of creating an MVP will be less as it involves only basic features and is meant for testing and slow development. A complete product can cost higher depending on its functions.

The brand and the location of the developing company

The brand name and location play a significant role in the pricing of an app. It can vary from company and place.

App design customization

If an app has a customized design, the cost of development will be very high.

Choice of payment gateway

The gateway of payments hails a different cost, and the addition of many payment gateways will add more expense and may have additional fees or transaction costs.

Important points to remember: 

  • Opt for a developer with prior experience in your chosen niche 
  • Have attention to detail and make the features of the app a priority. They can change the whole experience.
  • Ensure the feature that is opted for fits the budget through the suggestions of a developer
  • Some features may hinder the quality of the app by increasing the loading time and creating bugs.
  • Prioritize the customers’ needs and define them on the product
  • A minimum variable product is always the best go-to solution for testing and getting feedback from the audience. It helps in constant improvement.
  • To retain customers, one should do continuous optimization, development, and improvement of applications should be made as it plays a crucial role.


Brainstorm, implement ideas, research, create strategies, put them to test, and check for corrections. If the idea of creating on demand services app like Gojek demands your heart and will to try, go ahead. You may turn out to be the next of the big giants.

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