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How To Search For Top-Paying Jobs Without A Degree?

If you think that a regular 4-year college degree is essentially required to get a high-paying career, you are thinking it wrong. There are many jobs that offer you the highest pay, even without the requirement of a degree. However, some of these jobs require postsecondary training. It can be the on-job experience, any coursework from a technical college, or credentialing.

Here, you will get to know about some of these jobs in which you can make a good career.

1. Solar Photovoltaic Installer

This job involves the cleaning energy experts that create, install and repair solar panels on the buildings. Most of the installers take this course during the community college, technical school, or an apprenticeship program. You can start this career with a high school diploma as an educational requirement. Some of the companies also offer the on-job training of this profile.

This job can also be managed outside. If you are working indoors, there can be a garret or crawl space like the connection of panels to the galvanic grid. You may also have to do some traveling, local or at regional places. This is because you have to reach the customers and they will not come to you for the work. It is believed to see growth by around 63% in the coming years.

2. Auto Mechanic 

This is another among the list of top paying jobs without a degree which you can go for. The auto mechanics are also known as service technicians who examine and fix vehicles like cars and light trucks. They also keep their focus on the engines, transmissions, braking, and guiding the systems.

Since the growth is not that much in the auto mechanic industry. But still, this profession requires qualified and skilled people to do the work on cars. If you have skills related to working in engines, you should get into this job. No college degree is required but the service technicians and mechanics need to complete a program at a post-secondary institute. Industry certification is required to get this job.

Top Paying Jobs Without A Degree

3. Insulation Contractor 

We know how insulation contractors keep us dry during thunderstorms, warm feelings in winter, and cool in summer. The work they do helps in protecting us from different elements, whether you are in-home or in-office building. This work can be a tough task, with the need of bending it in tight spaces. A person who is having extreme fear of confined places cannot do this job.

If you want to do this job, the use of the brain is essentially required. Workers of this job read blueprints, take measurements of the materials and get the insulation replaced. A risky material training might be required for the job. Those who are specialized in floor, ceiling, and wall insulation can learn their trades on the job.

4. Massage Therapist 

A massage therapist uses the body and different ways of touching and massaging the person. In this way, they can provide relief to the pain and offer relaxation to their clients. What is the demand for this career? As people get older, massage is able to provide benefits to the human body. But you may not work in a hospital or in any physician’s office.

The massage therapists tend to work at hotels, franchised health care clinics, and many fitness centers. Some also get self-employed and visit clients at their home or office for offering massages. This job requires a post-secondary education program with more than 500 hours of study and experience. You don’t have to do training that will hinge upon state requirements.

5. Bus Driver 

There are transport and intercity bus drivers that do carry the passengers when they wish to travel. They also collect the tickets and offer help with the luggage. It is among the low-stress jobs that pay well without a degree in which you can become a school bus driver to take the children to and from the school. But remember, being a bus driver is not an easy job and is an important one. The city administrators don’t allow anybody into their track and if you do the job well, you will get high job security.

What you need in this degree is a high school diploma or something that is equivalent to that. Other things are commercial driving licenses which you can also get during the on-job training. A good driving record is also required to meet the physical, hearing as well as vision needs for getting the job. As it is a high-security job, so they can’t take the risk of putting anybody into the job. You can get this job if you know the driving skills and are ready to take responsibility for such sensitive things.

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