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How to say I love you in Japanese

Different type of i love you in Japanese

Words To Say I Love You in Japanese Language. 

In Japan, announcing the ones three little words, even among married couples, is not very common.

They agree with in action and being there for your family instead of announcing, “I love you”.

However, listening to the ones 3 little phrases could make someone’s day and life a great deal better.

To recognize which you are being loved can be one of the maximum exceptional emotions you can feel.

Saying “I love you” in Japanese language, whether or not it is in your Japanese fine friend,

circle of relatives contributors, or your life partner, has the power to bolster your relationship with them.

And while it’s reciprocated, it is able to warm your heart, fill you with elation and brighten your life.

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How To Say Love In Japanese: Love And Its Related Words In Japanese

Let’s start with the word ‘love’ and its synonyms.


The translation of the word ‘love’ to Japanese is ‘ai’ (愛). ‘Koi’ (恋), also another word for ‘love’, is the feeling itself, while ‘ai’ is used when one wants to express his/her love for someone. 


Now, let’s take a look at words that are related to ‘love’-


Admire in Japanese Mederu (愛でる)

Affection in JapaneseAijou (愛情) 

Like in JapaneseOkiniiri (お気に入り)

Dear in Japanese  – Shin’ainaru (親愛なる)

Passion in Japanese Jōnetsu (情熱)

Fond in Japanese- Suki (好き)

Adore in JapaneseSūhai shimasu (崇拝します)

Care in JapaneseKea (ケア)

Sweetheart in JapaneseKoibito (恋人)

Lover in Japanese Aijin (愛人)

Beauty in JapaneseUtsukushi-sa (美しさ)



Different Ways To Say I Love You In Japanese 


Now let’s learn how to say “I love you” in Japanese along with different phrases to express love in Japanese.

  • I love you – Aishitemasu

Say this on your Japanese loved ones, be it your exceptional friend or lover. Say it as in many instances as possible and mean it.

When they reply to you with “Watashi mo itoshite iru yo (私も愛しているよ)”, which translate to

“I love you too” in Japanese, you will understand just how first rate it feels to listen the ones words. 


  • I like you – Suki da


To your platonic pals, saying “Suki da” every now and again will let them feel liked and that they treasure your friendship even more.

Or when you have a new girlfriend or boyfriend and also you aren’t in the love stage yet,

say “Suki da” observed by using a “Shin’ainaru”, which means dear. And in case you want to emphasize how tons you want them,

say “Daisuki da (大好きだ), which translates to “I truly such as you”.


  • I care about you – Anata o taisetsu ni omou


Saying “Anata o taisetsu ni omou” is other type of showing your loved ones your affection.

Letting someone know that you care about them will make them feel more special and make their day.


  • I have a crush on you – Watashi wa anata ni tokimeki o motte iru

Life is too short to no longer cross after what or who you need.

You like someone, tell them earlier than someone else does and your chance runs out.

Walk up on your weigh down and inform him/her “Watashi wa anata ni tokimeki o motte iru.”

If the feeling is lower back, extraordinary. If now not, nicely at the least it’s higher to recognise sooner

rather than wasting your concept and time on someone who doesn’t feel the identical way as you, right?


  • You have my heart – Anata wa watashi no kokoro o motte iru (あなたは私の心を持っている)

You can say this in your boyfriend/female friend or husband/spouse. When you’re out on a date,

gas the power with romance by way of telling your widespread other, “Anata wa watashi no kokoro o motte iru.”

This is an exchange way to say “I love you” in Japanese Language.


  • Will you be my valentine? – Anata ga watashi no Barentain ni narimasu? (あなたが私のバレンタインになります?)

When you are single, the 14th of February can be one of the loneliest days of your lifestyles.

Everywhere you appearance, every nook you switch, there are continually couples preserving hands and

enjoying the organisation of each different. And there you are, on my own…Once more.

Well, this can be rectified without problems via asking the person you want to be your

Valentine via saying, “Anata ga watashi no Barentain ni narimasu?”

You may even re-light the spark together with your partner through creating a romantic gesture,

which include sending them flora at their administrative center with a card that reads

“Anata ga watashi no Barentain ni narimasu?” on Valentine’s Day.


  • Will you marry me? – Kekkon shite kudasai? (結婚して下さい)

Nothing says “I love you” like asking your partner to legally spend the rest of their lives with you.

When you are ready to pop the question, get down on your knees, offer him/her the ring and say,

“Kekkon shite kudasai?” after your heartwarming speech about how much you love him/her and that

you want to grow old with him/her. 

  • I’m crazy about you – Anatanimuchūdesu (あなたに夢中です)

When you need to inform your Japanese companion that you care approximately them deeply and love

putting out with them without announcing the “L” word, you could say to them that you are crazy

approximately them through announcing Anatanimuchūdesu (あなたに夢中です). Although this isn’t a

commonplace phrase that people use in real life, you will listen this plenty in Japanese romantic films or television collection.



Life is unpredictable, and the sector is random. Anything can happen at any moment.

One day you are striking out along with your widespread different, having the time of your lives. The subsequent day, fate has any other plan in store for you, and you in no way see each different again.

All you are left with are the recollections and the regret of in no way expressing your love

for them while you had the threat.

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