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How To Restore A Cylinder Compression?

What is Cylinder Compression?

Compression is the main factor that keeps the pistons working in the combustion chamber, when the air and fuel mixture enters from the valves and injector respectively, to combust. The pistons move constantly inside the cylinder. In other words, there is an engine within a car engine that depends fully on compression, so it can transfer heat energy into mechanical energy, hence move the car. As the cylinder compresses the air-fuel mixture to ignite, the cylinder compression is a crucial factor on which the entire vehicle depends. 

How to know When Cylinder Needs Restoring?

The engine performance of the car, such as of BMW 118d engine rebuilds, shows it all. You can sense the pressure and engine wear tear noises inside the hood. For surety, you can opt for a compression test kit for each engine cylinder and plug in the compression gauge to the spark plug socket and record the highest reading for each cylinder. If it is severely low then do your car a favor with this amazing trick. 

Engine Restore Lubricant

The cheapest solution to your heavy problem is a lubricant. You do not want the wear tear to destroy your engine’s cylinder from inside. It would cost you a lot if you delay this process. Simply purchase engine restore additive or lubricant. It comes in a medium tin can, which is enough till next time. The substance is in turquoise to blue shade and it is a long-lasting sticky liquid. Shake well before pouring it into the cylinder from a funnel. You can contact one of the lubricant suppliers and go for the restoring lubricant. It might just cost you less than 9€ and the results are outstanding. 

What does the lubricant do to your engine?

The additive can smooth out the engine noise, it can increase the level of cylinder compression, and finally, save your cylinder from metal wearing inside. The engine runs smoother and the driver can sense a major difference in the car’s rev and run. Instead of taking your car for an expensive repair to the mechanic, there are other DIY methods you can fully rely on. They are cheap and last up to months on end. One of the advantages of maintaining the lubricants of the engine is that it keeps it from further damage and heals the internal working parts. With time, the metal increases its friction factor, which can harm the rest of the system parts. A mighty lubricant designed for restoring cylinder compression is simply the best option many mechanics swear by. 


A car’s life depends upon the engine and if you maintain the engine well, the car accelerates for decades on end. There are a few maintenance issues within the engine from time to time due to excessive usage and lack of service. Cylinder compression is one of the main problems and by this correct trick; you can keep your car running smooth and perfect and save it from lowered cylinder compression.  This was all about the method of restoring cylinder compression.


Joshua Wallace has a command on writing about the Automobile Repairing Discourse. He has written comprehensive and informative articles regarding engines and other related topics. He currently works for the Northwest Engine center.

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