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How to Relieve Headache Treatment Pressure?

Headaches are a common type of pain in the head region, People experienced headaches many times during their life span. There are various factors that can cause headaches like stress, digestive system failure, migraine, sinus, and anxiety. There are many types of headaches but in this section, we will discuss the types which fall into the primary section of headaches and we will figure out the best possible headache treatment to get relief from it. 

Types of Headaches: 

There are various types of headaches that can be severe if not treated earlier. Some of them are listed below: 


It usually occurs at one side of the head, a throbbing sensation, usually disturbed the same area repeatedly. 


A migraines symptoms usually are 

  • Severe throbbing pain at one side of the head
  • Having visionary issue
  • Nausea or vomiting

These were the common symptoms of migraines. The symptoms usually last about 2-3 days depending upon the severity of the case.


There is no such cause still to be found of migraine. But researchers believe that it might occur due to genetics. Parents may pass the genes to their children which may trigger migraines. Besides genetics, there are other factors that may trigger migraine-like hormonal changes, environmental factors, stress, physical changes, dietary changes, and sleep disorders.

Possible Treatment: 

There are no significant treatments for Migraines but several pain relief drugs work well with it. But the chances are rare with the side effects of these drugs can cause hazardous effects. Biofeedback is another possible treatment of migraines. Cognitive behavior therapy works well with migraine treatment. With the help of professionals, you can learn the best possible way to measure the actions and thoughts which are the reasons behind migraines. This will also help you in the treatment of stress in Cleveland.

Tension headaches: 

Besides migraines, there are other types of headaches that can occur due to external factors this type of headache can be mild to moderate.


The symptoms of Tension headaches usually consist of:

  • A mild to moderate pain usually occurs at the front and the backside of the head. 
  • Muscle aching 
  • Facing trouble in focusing
  • Tiredness
  • Feeling tightness around the head region.
  • A Sensitivity to light & noise


Several types of research suggest that the actual cause of tension headache is still unknown. But there might be a reason that tension-type headaches are caused due to the tightness of the muscle in the neck, scalps, and face region. Tension headache also occurs due to environmental and social factors like having stress in academic life, having a bad relationship, or stress at workplaces. 

Possible Tension Headache treatment: 

There is various kind of treatment that can help you to reduce your tension. Some of them are Biofeedback, cognitive behavior therapy, acupuncture.

How cognitive behavior theory Helps: 

Cognitive behavior therapy is one of the best ways to cure stress headaches. Talking to the physician about the possibility to reduce the stress and managing daily life affairs is the best way rather than having medication that can cause side effects.

Cluster headaches: 

Cluster headaches occur usually on one side of your head, more often in the eyes region. It occurs usually in clusters, which can cause severe cyclical pain. They may occur 15 minutes to 3 hours in a day and may last weeks or maybe months.


The possible symptoms of cluster headaches are : 

  • Severe pain around the eye region.
  • The eyes may become inflamed, watery, and reddish.
  • Stuffy nose
  • Restlessness


What actually causes cluster headaches is still a mystery. But there are some researches that suggested that cluster headaches are due to activities that affect the hypothalamus. The possible causes of cluster headaches are linked with alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and strong smells. Anxiety and mental stress can also affect the hypothalamus part of the region which can cause cluster headaches. 

Possible Headache Treatment: 

Over the period, trials and errors show that the pain medications have no significant effect to reduce the adversity of cluster headaches. overall a short-term medication treatment did not produce any good results. Also, Check out a schizoaffective psychiatrist in Cleveland.

A brief inhaler of oxygen can help, while this one is listed in the acute form of treatment. While there are very few side-effects associated with inhalation of oxygen but carrying oxygen cylinders everywhere is not always possible.

Some people use Triptans via nasal spray, which is not recommended when a patient has complications of high blood pressure. While there is an amount of treatment available for this headache but there are chances that there might be some complications or side-effects are linked with it. 

Controlling your sleeping patterns and avoiding the use of Alcohol is one the best preventive measure that can cure cluster headaches smoothly. Living with cluster headaches is not easy, you may face hardships in managing your daily life activities. It’s good to book a session with a therapist, Effective therapy reduces the chances of severity and dangerous consequences of this disease. If you need any kind of mental health service at Cleveland. And book your session. Cleveland Psychiatry Associates have experience in dealing with mental health issues with the best treatment and close monitoring programs

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