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How to Recover Deleted Files from Toshiba External Hard Drive – Precise Solution

Like any other hard drive, Toshiba’s external hard drive is equally vulnerable to technical issues and viruses. After accidental deletion, if the user does not find deleted files in the recycle bin. Then no method is left for him other than searching for how to recover deleted files from a Toshiba external hard drive.

Toshiba hard drives can also display many errors when data files could not be accessible and users assume files to be deleted from a Toshiba external hard disk. You might find the following errors on the screen

Error 1. Toshiba drive not showing up on the system
Error 2. Drive is detectable but inaccessible
Error 3. Toshiba’s disk not in this system
Error 4. Disk is detectable but unable to show files
Error 5. Blinking but not functioning
Error 6. Windows detected a hard disk problem
Error 7. Critical Hard Disk Drive Error

The External hard drive gives more storage space to store your data. You can simply plug it into your computer to access the drive. It provides benefits to keep a backup of your important data. Data sharing is really easy due to its portability and large size. Toshiba external hard drive offers all these features.

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Reasons for Deleted Files from a Toshiba External Hard Drive

Due to several reasons, Toshiba hard drive can be get damaged physically and logically which directly corrupts and delete stored data in it.

  1. An interrupted power supply can damage the internal component of an external hard drive. Improper/unexpected shutdown also causes the deletion of in-progress files.
  2. The faulty hard drives also susceptible to damage and corruption of data.
  3. Natural Calamities like fire and flood are direct reasons to destruct the hard disk.
  4. Technical damages such as bad sectors and blocks and displacement of read/write head.
  5. Virus and malware attack after visiting malicious sites, download of virus loaded application from unauthenticated sources.
  6. Human Erroneous occurs due to mainly inexperience or carelessness of user while operating the system.

Instantly Safely Remove The Toshiba External Hard Drive

Please follow these instructions to retrieve files from Toshiba external hard drive without data loss.

  • Do not perform any data modification activities such as deletion or addition to the drive.
  • Keep it safe somewhere away from the physical damage and high temperature.
  • Search for the instant hard drive recovery software and install it on the Windows machine.
  • Do not select the Toshiba drive to download and install the recovery program.
  • After recovery of deleted files, do not save those files into the Toshiba drive from where your files were deleted due to any reason.

Steps to Recover Deleted Files from a Toshiba External Hard Drive

  1. Download and Install Hard drive Recovery software from the official page.
  2. Attach the Toshiba external hard drive and click on Refresh View.
  3. Select the drive and click on Scan mode. And it will start the scanning and recovering process immediately.
  4. After recovery, you can select the files that were deleted. All the deleted files will be shown in red color. Click on the Save button to export the process.
  5. Then on the navigation page, select the destination location to download the recovered files from Toshiba external drive.

A confirmation message will appear on the screen after the completion of the export process.
This is how to recover deleted files from a Toshiba external hard drive.

Protect Your Toshiba External Hard Drive

To make sure you won’t get stuck in the same problematic scenarios, follow these tips to keep the health of drive and stored data.

  1. Avoid Physical Damage from dust, fire, power fluctuations, and humidity.
  2. Keep hard disk health in check by running chkdsk commands and the S.M.A.R.T program.
  3. Do not overload your external hard disks.
  4. Do not drop and keep it safe within their case.
  5. Always remove the external hard drive safely.
  6. Use Windows built-in tool to fix bad sectors.

Concluding Thought

External hard drives are favored by all users due to their advantageous features of portability and large storage space. Toshiba is one of the external hard disks and prone to damages like other external HDD. In this blog entitled how to recover deleted files from a Toshiba external hard drive? Use an instant hard drive data recovery tool to repair and retrieve files from Toshiba external hard drive in a single go.

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