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How To Prevent Expensive Repairs For Your Air Conditioning Unit

The true value of an air conditioning unit surfaces after 4-5 years of usage. An HVAC system can last up to 15-20 years provided that it is properly maintained from the start. Many factors play an important role in ensuring that you stay away from expensive repairs and your unit continues to perform at optimal efficiency. Some of these factors are: 

  • Proper Installation 
  • Proper maintenance 
  • Proper Services 
  • Usage 

The key to long-lasting comfort is to spot mistakes in the system before they call for big repairs. This ensures that the diagnosis is on time preventing wear and tear in the future. 

3 Easy Tips To Prevent Expensive Repairs 

These tips are brought to you by leading HVAC experts that provide air conditioning services in London. With more than 30 years of experience catering to residential, commercial, and industrial projects, air conditioning repair London has never been so easy. Whether you are looking for air conditioning maintenance in London or air conditioning installation in the Totteridge area, these experts have to go your back. 

#1 Cleaning the surrounding areas of the unit  

To ensure that the entire air conditioning system is in tip-top conditioning, maintaining the surrounding areas of the unit is important. More often than not, the condenser is placed in an area that is more prone to dust and debris. 

  • Remove the fan cage of the exterior condenser using a screwdriver or wrench. 
  • Lift the fan cage or grill to remove dirt and debris such as leaves, twigs, and other outside material. 
  • Use a vacuum cleaner or a fin cleaning spray for effortless cleaning. 
  • Cover the top of the condenser unit during the winter months with plastic clothing to prevent debris and materials from falling inside the cage. Ensure not to cover it completely since moisture can form inside causing corrosion. Remove any cover when your AC is running
  • Keep it a little exposed so that the moisture does not collect inside the condenser. 

#2 Cleaning The Evaporator Coil 

The evaporator coil that is located inside the air handler or blower compartment holds the chilled refrigerant that the compressor moves into. The evaporator coil’s job is to expel the heat from the refrigerant to your house, instead of absorbing it and taking it outdoors. 

  • Take out a few screws and move inside the evaporator coil door. 
  • Use a soft brush to dust the coil gently. 
  • Spray the coil with a no-rinse coil cleaner. It can be procured from any home improvement store. 
  • This spray gets foamed up and drips into the drain pan.
  •  The next step is to clear out the drain pan with a combination of little bleach, soap, and hot water. 
  • Pour 50% water and 50% bleach into the drain. 
  • This ensures that the drain is clear, preventing any future algae growth. 
  • You can also get drain pan tablets that are commercially available. 

#3 Replacing The Blower Filter 

The air in the air conditioning system passes through the air filter. This filter catches pollutants and particulates such as debris, dust, fungal spores, and mold. Also known as mesh, the air becomes denser and denser catching materials and not hindering the airflow. 

  • The filter in your HVAC system should at least be changed twice a year. 
  • One before the summer season and one before the winters commence. 
  • If you live in an area that is more prone to dust, the air filter should be changed regularly and more than twice. 
  • Always check the airflow rating of the filter before getting one. 
  • It is relatively easy to change the air filters since they are located in the most recognizable part of the unit where the fresh air enters.
  • Simply remove the filter from the edges and replace it with the new one. 
  • See to it that it matches the direction of the air-flow highlighted by arrow signs. 
  • Close and latch the door once you are done. 
  • Avoid air-purifying or HEPA filters that only reduce the airflow in your system. 

Get Quality Services From The Leading Air Conditioning Company In London 

Hamilton Air Conditioning is committed to delivering exceptional installation, maintenance, and service solutions to the residents of London and nearby areas. If you are looking for air conditioning company Elstree, then look no further. The expert HVAC engineers can install, maintain, and repair any make and model providing best-in-class and reliable services with 24×7 service. A leading air conditioning company in London that lets you breeze through comfort throughout the summer season.

Matthew Connery

Matthew Connery is a marketing consultant, working with Hamilton Air Conditioning Ltd., a UK based air-conditioning company providing high-quality installation, maintenance and repair services. He shares his knowledge to the top blogging sites.

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