How To Manage Your Election During A Pandemic By Ensuring the Integrity of Elections

When the world is fighting an unprecedented condition with Covid-19 literary spreading by touching, is it the time to sit and negate our responsibility, or rather this is the time to take things in our hands and make the right decisions benefiting all. Governments were at their best and worst show in handling the situation. Should lockdown and scare of social mingling mean they can exercise their power and you do nothing to stop them because of a scare of contamination?

Ballot voting and pandemics don’t work together. With the amount of uncertainty for different social distancing timelines and scare among people, this seems unclear and challenging. With the given scenario, is it finally time to switch to a digital medium? Is that possible? Certainly Yes with Voting Portals who have been helping organizations increase voter participation while maintaining integrity security and transparency of the process for all in the most innovative and advance way.

Lately, online voting was a transition and evolution in the voting system. But now, it is a necessity.

Times are compromising, let this not compromise your Right to Selecting your representative so that you elect someone that knows the defense mechanism of the situation. Voting Portals, created by top Real Estate Attorney Ben Solomon have revolutionized the system for all in present times. A secures, all-in-one e-voting software platforms that allow its managers and board full control over happenings, keeping the transparency and integrity of the system as its core value and shunning every trace of doubt and fraud with a top-notch three-layer security system with 24 hours technical support to track any tampering with on-time action against it supported by firm Blockchain Technology, Voting Portals not just guarantees legal compliance but also value each voter.

Ensuring smooth elections during pandemic times that further ensure the integrity of elections is crucial. With superior online voting software with intelligent communication tools that allows you to create your e-ballots and surveys in seconds as per your need, Voting Portals make sure your experience is reliable, secured every time and from everywhere.

Online Services:

Adhering to all personal needs and requirements, Voting Portals honed the process with the best of technology and round-the-clock support. They have conducted complex elections with Condo/HOA, Union, Trade Associations, Government of United States in past to count some. All in all, with the motive of making the entire process accessible to all at the comfort of their space. A process that is secure, reliable, and transparent by making it accessible to managers and boards.

Elaborative Survey:

Measuring overall results, satisfaction, or gathering collective feedback online, associations rely on Voting Portals smart survey services. It’s a reliable, manageable, and effective measure that benefits the entire management. These specially designed tools help you in formulating one for your own as per your need that goes out. Not just secure, their offering can be easily understandable by all.

Virtual Address:

Communication is the key to voting. No matter where you are, now attend meetings, and here your representative address to all with Voting Portals‘ seamless process. Their easy-to-operate systems and platforms promote a smooth experience for all as they can connect from any corner of the world. They also provide such services for e-voting wherein a person can hear and see their representative before casting vote.

Pandemic has just made e-voting important. Along with that, the need to have a fair election is crucial now as your representatives have the power to enact policies that favour all in times of uncertainty, and what better than this time to scale their appropriateness.

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