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How to Launch a Food Delivery Service in Dubai

Beginning a food delivery company is a great way to give back to the neighborhood by helping local businesses and giving people more opportunities for eating at home. Cafes may benefit from food delivery services to extend their coverage beyond foot traffic. They will also assist restaurant owners who no longer have a physical location where buyers can dine, as well as others who want to validate concrete evidence for a small restaurant concept.

Including continued questions about COVID-19’s effect on the food and beverage industry, timely distribution is more critical than ever. Well before the pandemic, a Management consultancy study found that 60% of UAE users use an app to order food, relative to only 18% in the United States. The fact that Zomato listed its UAE food delivery arm for USD 172 million, and Services like Uber reported plans to collect USD 150 million to launch a food delivery arm, demonstrates the market’s momentum.

It’s understandable why this business segment is so popular. The UAE has a massive community of experts who are accustomed to food delivery on availability.


Steps on How to Begin With Food Delivery Service


This is really a perfect opportunity for businesses with the right talents – and you don’t have to own a restaurant or catering company to take advantage of it. Your delivery service might easily pick up and deliver food from nearby restaurants. When that seems tempting, there was more good news: searching for food distribution,  license cost in Dubai can be surprisingly simple, cost-effective with the right help. Listed out some steps:

  • Assess the amount of capital required to start a firm.

The two most important steps in starting a food distribution company include writing a business strategy and obtaining financing. Remember your target client base, your start-up and ongoing expenses, and how long it will take to become sustainable while drafting a business plan. This is also an excellent opportunity to choose a brand name and establish an initial marketing strategy.

The following items are required as part of your investor:

  • Development prices for a workspace
  • Premiums and a business license
  • Components for advertisement and a web
  • Automobiles and tools designed specifically for delivery
  • Do some industry research on the intended audience

Any company that understands its target market has a better chance of succeeding. Examine the environment in which your company will run. Are you running beside a campus, an industrial park, or residential parents?

The characteristics of your target market will help you choose a brand identity, a marketing campaign, and the meals you serve.

You can do an analysis of your own by walking into the city and requesting what people need, and then you can support research with small business reporting agencies to see if there may be a gap in the neighborhood.

  • Create a menu and facilities for food distribution

You should start planning your menu and service offers until you know who your target market is. If you’re dealing with catering or local restaurants in your area, this can vary. Would you concentrate on short meals, simple snacks, lunch, dinner, family meals, or individual meals? When you get started with the home delivery, having a clear theme would be beneficial.

If you want to collaborate with a nearby restaurant, reach them creatively with your study and pricing decision.

  • Start taking care of your moral and financial responsibilities

Starting a small business in Dubai requires a few things:

  • Create a legal body
  • Fill out a tax form
  • Apply for a passport for your company
  • Obtain licenses and permits
  • Obtain cover for the food distribution business


Benefits of Food Delivery Service

Food delivery services can make money in a variety of ways, including:

  • Purchases work between the restaurant and the business as the food distribution app that takes the order, with adjustments made based on the scale of the order and other factors.
  • When the restaurant does not have its own delivery crew, the business as the food delivery provider will settle to a price for the delivery, it depends on a percentage of the distance traveled.
  • Advertisement can monetize the app by renting advertising space, with restaurants paying a fee to be placed on the list.
  • You will charge a delivery surcharge at peak hours or for deliveries that are very late or early.


Tips to Grow Your Food Delivery Business


  • Make sure the system is efficient


Of course, phone ordering is still common, but it can also be inefficient. There’s a possibility the employees took down wrong orders mistakenly, or a client didn’t clarify his order correctly. Ensure all the employees are excellent in engaging effectively with clients on the internet. Train them to respectfully check the order to guarantee there is no inconsistency. Also, make sure you have simple delivery choices so that consumers can recognize and position their orders more easily.

  • Client communication and the correct address

Many restaurant delivery orders are postponed not only due to the lengthy planning period, but also due to the lengthy delivery time. It can be difficult for the delivery crews to get to a certain address. This is a minor yet huge obstacle that can be readily overcome with good customer contact. Make a call to the customer before delivering their order to check the address and to request important landmarks if the email seems to be incorrect.

  • Allow Orders Using Technology

To improve the efficiency of your service home delivery, consider the following suggestions:

Online Ordering With the advancement in technology, online ordering has been the most common method of placing food orders. Swiggy, FoodPanda, Zomato, and other prominent food delivery services are among the most popular among consumers. You get to choose which platform to use based on your requirements and preferences.

  • Using technology, you can distribute requirements and monitor deliveries

You can use apps to help you assign orders to your restaurant’s delivery agents. Then watch them until they’ve been delivered. You will send deliveries to free riders using the Delivery App.

 You should track the entire distribution chain in order to evaluate drivers’ success and refine routes. It assists you in recording dispatch times, tracking the delivery personnel, and analyzing the time it takes to fulfill orders. Each device also aids in the classification of consumers especially on their order data and the optimization of home delivery orders based on available evidence.

To sum it up whenever it comes to restaurant service, neither the delivery time nor the quality of the services can be compromised. People buying food are anxious to get their hands on it as soon as humanly possible, and late delivery can cause them to be afraid to order from your restaurants again. On the other hand, defective orders will totally derail the customer service.

The possibility of restaurant distribution is now better than ever, thanks to advances in technology and alternatives based. As a result, you must ensure that you have even though the food is shipped to your clients. I hope you’ve gathered all of the relevant details about how to improve food delivery orders so you can make a lot of money.


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