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How to Draw a Girl For Beginners With Step by Step

How to Draw a Girl

Hello! Today we are going to show you how to draw a girl with a pencil.

Today’s girl will be drawn in a comic style. She will probably resemble the grotesque wife of Roger Rabbit from the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Remember this one? But we got a little distracted. Let’s start the lesson and learn how to draw a beautiful girl in stages!

how to draw a girl

  1. Draw the proportions of the girl

The first thing we need is to build the correct proportions of the girl’s body. You can read about all the features of female body proportions in this article. Now let’s draw a person from sticks and circles. The main purpose is to outline the position of the character on paper, his pose, and proportions.

So, a little about proportions:

  • The height of a person is equal to the sum of the lengths of seven or eight heads;
  • The average height of women is slightly lower than that of men;
  • Also, women’s haunches are similar to or more extensive than the shoulders;

Of the features, we note the posture of the spine, which is bent to one side, the head, which is located in the opposite direction and is slightly tilted along the hip line.

  1. Add volume to the girl’s body

In this step, we will add the necessary volume, but first, we will mark the face with a vertical line and four horizontal ones.

The longest of the horizontal lines is the eye line. Below it is the short lines of the nose and mouth. And above the line of the eyes is the hairline.

Move to the torso. The girl’s torso is shaped like an hourglass, which expands at the chest and thighs and tapers in the middle at the waist. The arms should be elegant and thin, with the only extension at the beginning of the forearm to the elbow, but not much.

Hands at this stage can be divided into three parts – shoulders, forearms, and hands. In general, the main testimonial at this step is to try to perform all the hooks of the body as soft and feminine as possible, there should be no rough shapes or sharp edges.

  1. Sketching the hairstyle.

We continue our step-by-step lesson in drawing a beautiful girl. At this stage, we sketch out the girl’s hairstyle. Conventionally, we can divide the hair into two parts – one that is closer to our face, and the other, located behind the face, in the back of the head.

Notice how these two sections differ in size: the front of the hair is larger than the other and larger than the head. At the top right, draw a pair of small ornamental beads located on the headband. In this step, we also sketch out the girl’s clothes.

  1. Sketching the main parts of the face.

Using the markings from the second step draw the eye, forehead, and plump lips. Pay close attention to the shape of the eyebrows, eyes, and their location – just by using these factors, we can see the effect of a slight forward tilt. At this stage, we need to use the softest and smoothest lines.

  1. Draw the eye, mouth, nose, and eyebrows.

Erase the guidelines from the previous steps from the face and draw the eyes, eyebrows, nose, and lips. Pay attention to the position of the pupil and eyelashes – all these details shape the look.

  1. Draw the bangs.

Draw the part of the bangs that hide the woman’s eye. This plays into our hands, the second one does not have to try to repeat.

how to draw a girl

Apply large and rounded lines to draw the hair. You can also draw a small pigtail like in our example. Hair should be pulled from root to tip.

  1. Draw the rest of the hair.

The rest of the haircut should be drawn in the same direction – from hair roots to ends. Do not forget to twist the ends of the strands, the headband, and the three skulls a little. But of course, you can draw any girl with any hairstyle – we are just giving an example.

  1. Draw the upper body of a beautiful girl

Circle the chest, neck, and right shoulder of the girl. Pay attention to the lines that represent the collarbone – they are not particularly large and visible, but they need to be identified. When drawing the arm and breast, use flat lines – the shapes of the body should be feminine and sleekly curved.

  1. Draw the body of a beautiful girl.

Erase unnecessary guidelines from both arms and torso. Draw the arms and torso in clear and confident, but very gentle and smooth lines. The folds in the fabric should be much lighter. Again, do not forget that the body should have graceful feminine curves, there should be no muscle mass or rough contours.

  1. Draw the girl’s legs.

Trace the legs and lower body. As in the previous steps, the lines should be very smooth and delicate.

how to draw a girl

If you like this tutorial, check out our other tutorials on how to draw a person with a pencil.

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