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How to download Instagram photos and videos with DownloadGram?

DownloadGram Online is the platform where Instagram users can put an end to media download difficulty. Instagram is one of the leading social media applications announced as a member of the Facebook family. Associates who created separate Instagram profiles can share photographs or video clips as public posts or else only for a limited audience. Trending words use as hashtags to describe or categorize posts that share. However, when comes to download Instagram photos or videos, there is no download option specifically. It is the reason behind bring together tools like DownloadGram

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Features of DownloadGram

DownloadGram is an advanced online platform. The link of the certain Instagram post will save the media file to the device gallery. Instagram Downloader Online is simple and only takes a few seconds to bring all cherished photos and videos to your device gallery. The service is totally free. And even DownloadGram does not reduce the quality of any photograph or video clip.

The application is a perfectly designed online submission. Thus, open it on your smartphone, tab, or desktop is very simple. No need to download it as an app. It can simply bring you mp4 media files that converted from Instagram videos. Moreover, photos that save will come in JPG format.

Download Instagram photos and videos

Important facts

  • DownloadGram for Free is not an app that should install to download Instagram photos and videos. It is an online platform
  • DownloadGram lets users download media files unlimitedly
  • Before Download Instagram videos and photos, users should be Instagram members. If not, strangers cannot even visit the platform
  • Download the latest version of the Insta app is important. Visit Google Play Store or any other reliable store to download the Instagram latest version
  • If the app is downloaded, check for updates and update to the latest
  • Check the gallery and make sure there is enough space to download files. If not, delete unnecessary files
  • Mobile data or the Wi-Fi that the smartphone connected to should be stable
  • Download any file using DownloadGram is absolutely free

Guide to download photos and videos

  1. Open the Instagram app with a tap on its icon
  2. Respective posts can find out by search using the particular profile name, hashtags that used, or else by simply scroll down the insta timeline
  3. Use the search bar to search the post that wishes to download
  4. As soon as the post is there, use three dots line to open the options listInstagram-post-options-downloadgram
  5. Select the “Copy link” option from the listInstagram-post-copy-link-downloadgram
  6. And then open the device browser
  7. Search and open DownloadGram web page
  8. Paste the copied link in the given bar on the top of the pagedownloadgram-input-box
  9. And then tap the “Download Now” buttondownloadgram-instagram-downloader
  10. Select the second “Download” button as well
  11. Take a deep breath and keep watching. It takes a few seconds to save whatever media to the gallery
  12. Go to the gallery and capture the file you wished to see offline

Note: Follow the same steps even when using a tab or a computer. DownloadGram Instagram Downloader can open on any platform. 


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