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How to Create a Moody Bedroom in 4 Ways

Stylish ideas to decorate your room

Quick Ways For How To Create A Moody Bedroom

If you’re one of those people who prefers darker and moodier spaces, then we’ve got some ideas to create a bedroom you’ll actually want to be in. We think you might even be able to relax more if you remove the bright and overly colorful items in your room and opt instead for a more romantic and low-lit space. Let’s dive in, and hopefully, we can convince you that you can have a glam room fairly easily!

1. Experiment with Dark Colors

having a moody bedroom doesn’t mean that you have to paint your walls black, grey, brown, dark green, or navy. Dark walls in any color look amazing, so focus more on the finishes and choose whether you want glossy or matte. Concrete brick walls are pretty popular in modern and minimalist spaces. If you think a dark color will look too ordinary and perhaps even gloomy, we bet you can find ways to make it rock! 

Begin by selecting a color scheme. A moody grey or green palette is trending these days. Next, choose décor and accessories in various shades of your preferred color scheme. Next, play with textures. Use materials such as leather, metal, wood, marble, and concrete to make your bedroom look moody but chic and trendy at the same time. 

2. Embrace Dark Flooring

If you can’t convince yourself to let go of your light pastel walls, how about adding some moody floors instead? Deep brown or black wooden flooring looks absolutely stunning. The best part about dark flooring is that it doesn’t stain very quickly! Also, you don’t have to give up your lighter-colored walls!

A dark floor paired with a light neutral wall can also make a small room look much more open, spacious, and open. So, if you are struggling with a small space and wish to make it moody, embrace dark flooring! 

If you’re on a budget, you can darken up your flooring with inexpensive rugs to match your bedroom, no matter your style.

3. Choose Furniture and Décor Carefully

Besides the usual bed, wardrobe, nightstand, chest of drawers, and chair, decide what furniture you will be adding to your room. Make sure that you follow a color scheme for the furniture to achieve a refined and moody look. 

You must pay attention to décor as well when learning how to create a moody bedroom. You can enliven your space with potted greenery or floral décor, so it stands out from the rest of the theme. Don’t forget to dress up your walls with moody art pieces! Canvas Factory has a massive collection of urban, abstract, retro, sporty, and Japanese wall art, to name a few. Check it out today and grab some pieces that go with your room’s color palette. 

4. Play with Lighting

Even though your space is supposed to be moody and dark, you still need to add in lighting, sometimes even more than what a usual bedroom needs. An elegant chandelier and some attractive wall sconces will add a lovely touch. Even dark-toned lamps with dim lighting will look pretty cool.

If you wish to create an aesthetic vibe, add in some string lights! Wrap them around your bed or nightstand, or string them across your favorite wall. You can even line them around your door frame or headboard or hang them in your reading corner to make it the focal point of your bedroom. 

What Do You Think about Moody Bedrooms?

Remember, you don’t have to go goth to create a glamorous and moody bedroom. There are lots of ways to add some drama and character into your space. From darker colors to soft and cozy textures, the possibilities are endless. Hopefully, we’ve given you some inspiration to help you design a room you’ll never want to leave! 

So what did you think of these four ways of creating a moody bedroom? We suggest you try them out, and you’ll see that they work! Get in touch with Canvas Factory today and select from their affordable collection of canvas pieces to decorate your moody bedroom. If you enjoyed this lesson on how to create a moody bedroom, don’t forget to show your love in the comment section below with your feedback! 

While vibrant spaces look fun and lively, it is natural to get bored of them. After some time, they might start to tire you. That’s when you should start looking for something different. We suggest you go moody! 

Even the darkest of space can pop up with details and look very cozy and inviting. 

Without further delay, try to create a moody bedroom in these 4 ways

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