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How to conquer the art of public speaking

Did you know that the biggest phobia in the world is public speaking? That’s right. It’s more daunting than heights, spiders, or even the fear of death. This statistic inspired me to share a few tricks that make public speaking as easy as using a Youtube to mp3 converter

The first step is to know your topic thoroughly. My roommate often says ‘preparation prevents piss poor performance’ and I feel that the logic applies here. This way, if you veer off-script, you’ll still be comfortable to adapt and answer audience questions – should they arise.

If you’re using palm cards or reading off a script, absolutely double-check you can pronounce all the words. It’s always worth taking the time to practise first, so you can edit the material to flow as smoothly as possible. Written text doesn’t always translate properly to spoken word, so reading your script out loud beforehand will ensure your delivery won’t be jagged. Learn how to tie a tie before you try it, right?

Another tip to kill the nerves is to forget there’s an audience. Sure, this is easier said than done, but tunnel vision will ensure you stay focused and unflinching. Just treat public speaking like another practice run from your bedroom.

The most important advice I can give is to fake it till you make it. Look confident. Smile at everyone before you start. Laugh if you make a mistake. Remember, if you don’t believe in yourself, no one will. It’s incredibly easy to tell if someone is nervous, so it’s much better to be upfront than try to hide it. Trust me, people will appreciate your effort and endurance. 

Everyone loves an underdog, you’ve got this!

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