How To Choose the Best Days for House Shifting?

Are you planning to shift your house? Are you confused about choosing the best days for your move? Have you been wondering how to choose the best days for house shifting? House shifting from one place to another is not a child’s play. It is a momentous step in one’s life and you should partake in practical choices to accomplish the undertaking. You need to make a lot of preparations and take prompt yet wise decisions as you plan a house shifting. Choosing the best days to move is one of the most crucial decisions that you have to take while house shifting.

What are the major things we need to do for a house shifting?

A successful house shifting involves two main processes­—planning and execution. Your planning should be strategic, practical, and optimal. The execution should involve the finest managerial and organisational skills. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of a house shifting procedure:

  • Step-1: Seek professional help from the packers and movers Hyderabad to Bangalore. Choose an authentic, efficient, reputed, and experienced moving company to help you conduct the house shifting hassle-free.
  • Step-2: Conduct a pre-move survey through one of the representatives of the moving company and get the moving cost estimates.
  • Step-3: Make a checklist mentioning all the belongings that you want to move.
  • Step-4: De-clutter your belongings and separate the essentials from the inessentials. Carry only the essentials to reduce the size of the move thereby reducing the moving costs.
  • Step-5: Maintain good communication with the packers and movers. Let them know of your specific moving needs and preferences in advance.
  • Step-7: Avail of in-transit insurance and warehouse facilities if you are moving from one city to another.
  • Step-6: Manage the utility services in a tactful way.
  • Step-7: On the day of the move, supervise the entire process as the professional team of packers and movers execute the house shifting.
  • Step-8: After the house, shifting is done; unpack everything as soon as possible and check if the belongings are safe. If not you should claim compensation provided your goods were insured.

This is how a house shifting goes in general. But it is subject to some other crucial factors; the day of the move is one amongst them. To be honest, it depends on your personal preference and convenience and it’s decided to keep various factors in mind. Let us analyse those factors in detail:

Factors that affect the house shifting days:

House shifting days depend on a lot of factors—the leaves in office, the availability of the dates from the moving company, preference of family members, the school schedule of the kids, and whatnot. But the prime factor that dominates all other factors is the “price.” House shifting prices are highest during the summer season as it is the peak season for business in the moving industry. On the contrary, moving costs go down from November to February.

Which time of the week: weekdays or weekends?

Conducting a house shifting on the weekdays is much cheaper than on weekends. Keep reading to know more.

Some of the plus points of moving during weekdays are:

  • Cost Efficiency:

The moving costs are much less during the weekdays. Even if you miss office for a single day and lose one day’s pay, you will gain more by choosing to shift on weekdays.

  • Saving up for the other expenditures:

Who doesn’t need to save more? The more we save, the more we can spend on things that are more meaningful to us.

  • As the kids are at school:

Carrying out a house shifting with school-going kids is an added challenge. So, if you are planning to move on a weekday, the kids are most likely to be at school and you can carry out the move without any stress or distraction.

  • Managing the utility services:

The Utility services like the gas connection, electricity, water supply, internet connection, etc. are accessible during business hours on the weekdays. Generally, they remain closed on weekends.

  • Getting ample time to settle in:

If you shift on Thursday or Friday, you can get the entire weekend for unpacking, arranging, chilling, and exploring the new neighbourhood. Your body needs to rest and your mind needs to unwind after a laborious and stressful move.

Some drawbacks of moving during weekdays include:

  • Loss of a working day:

If you are house shifting on a weekday, you are going to miss a day or two of working days in the office. Depending on the wage structure of work, you will end up losing the wages of the days you are going to miss.

  • Absence of your kid from the school:

If you are moving on a weekday or anytime when the school vacations are not going on, your child will have to miss a few days of school. It becomes more complex if you are switching schools for your kid.

  • Absence of support:

What are family, friends, and neighbours for? They are for helping us in times of our need unless they don’t have to miss something on their part. As you are moving on a weekday, your loved ones will not be able to be present to support you even if you need them.

Some of the advantages of moving during the weekend are:

  • No loss of working day:

House shifting during the weekend ensures that you will not be losing any working day or work wage.

  • Kids won’t miss school:

If you are moving within the same city on a weekend, your children will not miss school. But if you are moving long-distance then you should shift during the vacations. In this way, they don’t miss school for a long period that is taken to transfer schools.

  • There’s no traffic rush:

In metro cities, traffic plays a wicked part in the regular travel scene. This fact worsens on the weekdays as people rush to the schools and work-places. Weekends are a bit more forgiving in this aspect.

Some of the disadvantages you might face while moving on weekends are:

  • The busy schedule of the packers and movers:

Many movers prefer to shift during weekends. So, most of the packers and movers are booked on weekends. You should book the moving services much in advance if you want to avail of weekend days for house shifting.

  • A rise in moving costs:

Due to the high demand for the packers and movers on the weekends, there is always an unnecessary upsurge in price.

  • Less time to unpack:

Weekend house shifting may seem to be a hassle-free process, but it cuts down the time needed to unpack things. You will not have enough time to enjoy the new space and settle in before resuming work on the weekdays.

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Your Day, Your Say:

House shifting needs a lot of contrivances, organisation, and implementation of your managerial skills. But how to choose the best days for house shifting depends on your preference and availability. So it’s best done on a weekday or a weekend, the decision is yours. The aforementioned factors will certainly help you compare the circumstances in a better way. So till then, keep moving!


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