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How to become a web designer: A quick guide

The guide for a Web Designer

Consumer behavior is changing, and so do business processes. Many businesses went online or started as online businesses. To make that successful, your web designer must design a website that looks perfect and also this has to be user friendly, and which can help you with increasing the customer experience while they visit your website. A better website can turn your visitor on-site into a potential one. That is where web design comes in.

Web designing is a creative art. Out-of-the-box thinking is necessary while doing any task. Web designing is an integral part of the marketing strategy of any organization, and a career in this field requires creativity and technical skills to build functional websites. Being a web designer demands both analytical and creative sides of your mind. No matter what field you are currently in, switching to web designing is the best thing you do.

Web design is not tough, as long as you have the passion to learn this specific skill. If you are a beginner and don’t know anything about web design then it may be difficult to understand where to begin. There are tons of conflicting sources through which you can get confused. But in this article, we have provided a comprehensive and quick guide to make it easy for you to understand how you can become a web designer.

Let’s have a look at the guide with some informative points.

What Web-Designer Does?

The first and foremost thing which you need to know is what the role of a web designer is? The role of a web designer is crucial in the business particularly if your business is based on e-commerce. They will help you in building better user-friendly websites, by understanding how the customers feel when they first visit your website.

They don’t code, but at the same time, they focus on other web design aspects such as the look of a website. Web designers design or create considering every important element of the website. They build and select visual aspects of the website like graphics, layout, colors, and fonts. They make the look of the website more appealing and user-friendly for its visitors or users.

Doesn’t Require Formal Education

Many people think that they can learn websites only when they do a formal education. However, it can be learned from home, in spare time, while doing something. It is easy to understand, as there are many free sources and paid courses as well to get your hands on it.

Web designing is particularly a skill which you can acquire without any formal education in any institute. There are many online platforms nowadays that provide quality video lectures and after completion, you can get certification as well.

Formal education is better when learning about web design but proper coaching and will to understand this exceptional field of information technology will enhance your career opportunity and give you the skill which is much needed in the coming future.

Flexible Schedule

Learning two things at once or doing a job at one place and at the same time learning is difficult for a person. But graphic design provides you the flexibility of learning, you can learn from anywhere anytime. There are recorded video lectures you can listen to whenever you are free. Online education also provides the benefit of distance learning with flexible hours.

Develop the Required Skills

As we have discussed earlier, web designing requires both a technical and creative mindset to build appealing and user-friendly websites. There are many skills which you need to acquire as well that help you to become an effective web designer. For instance:

  • Programming
  • Graphic designing
  • SEO
  • Web-design theory
  • Communication

 Read everything

Reading makes the person more knowledgeable. Whether it is about economics, politics, or even about the world of web designing. You have to read everything related to web-designing to keep tracking what is happening and what new tools are developing for web designing. This will make updates on the current trends and how to build a website in many ways. Read about the color grading, layouts, font size, coding, and tools.

Learn Fundamental Rules of SEO

SEO is a part of marketing but web designing plays an important role in the success of this domain. Websites must be built user-friendly, where visitors can explore the sites easily. But the most important part of web-designers is to optimize the performance of sites that help in organic searching.

Adding proper keywords with the help of ranked keywords which is an essential role of SEO will provide you the benefit of an organic search rather than paying for it. SEO and web designers work together to achieve this target. Many businesses are implementing this helpful strategy to make their website ranked on the 1st page. Also, if your business is UAE-based then there is an SEO company Dubai that can help in making the website on top rank with the help of web designers.


The HTML or hyperText Markup Language is the central structure of a website. You are required to have the necessary skills in HTML. It sets the content or structure of the web page. You can turn a few words through HTML into footers, headlines and paragraphs, content, videos, pictures, and graphics easily on a website.

Learn CSS

Cascading Style Sheet or CSS refers to the styling of a web page which includes fonts, color change, and add appealing background. It is the representation of a document that is written on HTML, it suggests how the components must be carried out onto the screen. We recommend you to watch some tutorials from professionals which are available online for free,

 Hands-on Practice

Learning is not what you think it is. You just don’t stop learning by acquiring a certificate or degree, but it is experienced from which you can actually gain the knowledge from. There is a phrase “Practice makes a man perfect”, this is the reason why one should get hands-on practice after acquiring a new set of skills which may help them in career growth.

After learning to program and acquiring the necessary skills you don’t have to wait to get the perfect job and get a handsome salary. First, make the project for yourself that helps to get an efficient grip on different tools and become more efficient with web-designing as when you get the job you will not feel any hesitation to cater tasks.

Constantly Challenge Yourself

Just learning about web design is not enough for you. You have to give yourself something challenging, in web-designing always find some issues and try to assess how you can solve them. The more experience you get through handling problems the better you will get in web designing.

Apply for Web Designing Jobs

In order to become an experienced web designer, you can do an internship in any marketing/advertising agency. By doing so, you will get a lot of experience in order to grow in such a discipline.

Experience is what really matters as it gives you the real-life aroma of experience. Experience tells you how to save yourself from misshapen.

Think Out of the Box

What does it mean to think out of the box? Thinking out of the box means critical thinking. Graphic design is an art that needs creativity. It is easy to design anything, but creatively it is not.

Critical thinking is a process of thinking conceptually, analyzing, and interpreting the data to convert it into information.

I would like to give you an example here for a better understanding.

Let’s say that you are working in an advertising agency, Mystic advertising, and you have a client for which you need to do graphic designing. So, how would you start your work? Directly, without any thinking?

If you start your work without gathering ideas about how I should start my work, and gathering any information, then all your work is useless.

On the other hand, if you think critically before starting your work, analyzing and interpreting all the data to make an effective decision about how you will start your project, then it is out-of-the-box thinking or critical thinking. Due to critical reasoning, you can make a proper structure/plan of how you will execute.


Web designing is a creative art that not everyone can do, but everyone can dig into this experience.  Web designing is a skill that everyone wants to get their hands on. Initially, you will face problems and issues to understand the coding, but with proper guidance, tools, and practice you can become an experienced web designer. In web designing, the entire process is upon you, and this makes web-designing a fun thing to learn.

We provide a brief guide by which you can become a better web designer and be a part of the growing industry.

I hope you found this article informative and important; Let us know in the comments below if you want to get more information on this or on any other topic.

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